This little piggy got stabbed with a wooden skewer

Apologies for the lack of posts in recent days. I’m having to deal with some job related bullshit that’s stressing me out and sucking up a bunch of my time. Pacing around my apartment cursing the name of some asshole from work is not a good mindset for sex blogging. This post is actually a [...]

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Fetishizing race

The Refinery29 site has a thought provoking article on the fetishizing of race – specifically in the case of Asian pro-dommes. It’s written by an Asian women who works in that field, and discusses her conflicted feelings about being able to command a premium price for a fetish she finds damaging. Anyone who has looked [...]

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Her feet that i worship

At Her beck and call Her feet so luscious beg to touch them all She who is so precious

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