Apologies for the lack of posts in recent days. I’m having to deal with some job related bullshit that’s stressing me out and sucking up a bunch of my time. Pacing around my apartment cursing the name of some asshole from work is not a good mindset for sex blogging.

This post is actually a bit of a cheat, as I’m stealing from a recent Bondage Blog post. I liked it for the smile on the dommes face in the first image and the fact it features one of the rarer forms of sadistic play. Foot worship is a common enough femdom theme, but foot torture doesn’t seem to push as many buttons with people.

Personally I have a love/hate relationship with this activity. On the one hand there’s something inherently funny about it. People messing with my feet makes me laugh. When you’re not actually using them, feet are these weird ticklish appendages stuck at the end of your body. At the same time they can be sensitive as hell. Being beaten there is really intense (as I’ve experienced) and they have all sorts of odd nerves and pressure points. Foot torture is one activity that can shift gears from playful and fun into intense pain very quickly.

toe-torment-03These are from thee topgrl site and feature London River and Billy Nyx.

Source: Femdom-Resource.com