Guest Post: The Perfectly Kissed Foot (by Onewhoadores)

There is nothing to those so connected and committed … so precious andpure … as the most reverent and sacred kiss of a foot. It embodies all that isessential and right, not only of egoless worship, but also unabashed adoration.Bent forward and down, lips softly caress the bare and flawless top, just beforeexquisite toes. They linger there as long as allowed, savoring the sublime scentand taste, before a subtle bob silently commands them onward. They slowlytraverse the length and breath, inspiring above ever increasing tingles of powerand sovereignty … along the side, around the heel, to the arch and then the sole,finally coming once again, now to the bottoms of those most divine toes. Withgreat beneficence, permission is granted to fully lave and [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to pause from the day-to-day activities, take a step back and appreciate the good things in life.  For the dominant wife, it is an opportune time to show off your well-trained husband in front of your family and friends. This does not have to be done in an aggressive or overt way, although some of you may enjoy the public display of control. Actions speak louder than words. The well-trained husband will serve his wife and guests, with particular attention to the women, without being told. He will clean this house in preparation for guests, set the table, clean the table, and do the dishes. He will give special attention to the female guests, ensuring they have drinks, [...]

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The Morning Routine

How your day starts often sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you have a very positive experience in the morning, it can energize you and put you in a great mood for the rest of the day. Likewise, a bad experience can ruin your day and make you feel miserable. Most people tend to create morning routines to start the day, especially during the work week. This helps with getting to work on time, being productive, and not forgetting things. Some people, like me have the quick and easy routing of waking up at the same time every morning, getting dressed, drinking the first cup of coffee, eating breakfast, and heading out to work.  Others will get up early [...]

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Is The 24/7 Wife Led Marriage Lifestyle Possible?

Several of the topic suggestions from my last post were related to the 24/7 Wife Led Marriage (WLM) lifestyle and how it works. There are many facets to the lifestyle and addressing them all in one post is not possible. My blog is a good resource for learning about the lifestyle so if you are interested in how it works, then it is worth your time to go back and read the older posts. In this post I will touch on some of the key aspects. For many of you a WLM is a fantasy and may seem like it could never be reality. Others may view WLM as crazy and not realistic. I absolutely can relate, because I remember reading about the [...]

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The Good Devoted Slave

 The good devoted slave is one who does was he is supposed to do when his Goddess Wife is not looking, one who corrects her mistakes without letting her know, and one who actively seeks ways to please her without being told. The Good Devoted Slave The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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BLOG UPDATE: New section added for erotic stories

It is fun to fantasize and imagine what could be, even though it may never be...or who knows maybe your fantasies will come true. In the spirit of this fun, I have added a new section to my blog for erotic stories.  Just look to the menus on the right, page down, and you will see it.Thank you to "Onewhoadores" for being the first contributor to this section. If you would like to submit an erotic story, send it to and let me know what name you would like it published under.Please note that I will not be editing stories. They will be published "as-is" so take the time to spell check, format, and edit your submission prior to sending to me.This [...]

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Non kink based reasons for implementing FLR based techniques in your loving relationship (Guest post by AJ)

There are many reasons why women involved in an female led relationship may incorporate tools into the relationship such as orgasm management, chastity, pegging, and discipline. Most of those reasons I’ve already detailed in some of my previous posts on this site, and those previously discussed items revolve around enhancing sexual and domestic enjoyment for both partners in the relationship. What I have not touched upon in those previous posts are some additional, not widely discussed, more practical reasons why the female partner and for that matter also the male partner, may find benefit from using these FLR practices.As we all know many men, particularly those of middle aged years and beyond, but also surprisingly large numbers of younger men, experience various issues [...]

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Topic Ideas?

 ?I have written about so many topics related to Wife Led Marriage over the last few years. I am honestly running out of ideas of things to post.  What are some topics that you all would like to hear about?I would love to pose a question to everyone and have people submit opinion posts providing different view points to answer the question.  What are some good questions that can be posed that would generate a good discussion and different opinions? Topic Ideas? The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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There are several great insights found in Evan's profile, which I recently published in the profile pages of my blog.  One item that I'd like to mention is the sentence highlighted below in purple. How have things evolved or changed with you and as a couple in your WLM/FLR over time since starting the WLM/FLR? How does this compare to how you were prior to the WLM/FLR?Worlds better. Instead of constantly complaining about what I wish I could have, I've learned to accept my role with joy and humility. Earlier, she would try to accommodate me by giving me what I thought I wanted, but eventually she figured out that what I really wanted was to be forced to do whatever *she* wanted.This is a challenge [...]

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House Husband

When I came downstairs in the morning, there was Thomas, in the kitchen, barefoot and in his robe, wiping down the counter. My coffee and breakfast were made and both were packed in "to-go" containers sitting next to my lunch bag- all ready for me to take to work. He had already loaded my work bag into my car. He greeted me with a cheerful "good morning Goddess." How wonderful for me. He is so well trained. This is how my week day mornings start every day.I couldn't help but think of how much Thomas is like the 1950s housewife. He is my housewife....err...I mean house husband. Except that I think the house husband is an improvement over the housewife.  Who say men [...]

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