Fun With Orgasm Control-The Negotiation

 When the mood strikes me and I feel like toying with Thomas, I will negotiate his his orgasm or add conditions to earning his orgasm. is not much of a negotiation because he has absolutely no leverage, but I like to make him think that he has some ability to negotiate. This always turns into a fun erotic mind game for him. I'll push his limits to see how desperate and weak he becomes.The negotiation and conditions can start before the teasing begins. For couples who have established days or dates for orgasm, it can be fun for the wife to start a few days in advance and demand tasks be done prior to his orgasm day. Not completing the tasks in time [...]

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Fun With Orgasm Control-Giving Permission to Orgasm

When it comes to orgasm control, most people focus on orgasm denial. However, giving permission to orgasm is a very important aspect of orgasm control. It is exciting for the both the guy and the woman when he asks for permission to orgasm and she says 'yes,' and he immediately explodes into orgasm. Her "Yes," gives him instant pleasure and fills him with gratitude toward her for allowing the pleasure. That is powerful. It is even more powerful when she commands him to cum and he releases immediately. There are many fun ways to send him into the bliss of orgasm.Just say Yes! The approach that I use most often, which is not very often since my husband does not get many orgasms :), [...]

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Fun With Orgasm Control-Intense Teasing and Denial

In my last post I discussed common strategies for orgasm control and how orgasm control is a powerful tool in a WLM/FLR. Orgasm control was the very first thing I did with my husband. It was my introduction into WLM and Female Control. It was all at his request, so everything was brand new to me at the time. When he first explained to me that I could decide when he could orgasm and that I could make him pleasure me without him having an orgasm, I thought it was strange but it sounded like fun so I decided to give it a try. Those first few weeks were the most sex filled weeks that I ever experienced. There were lots of orgasms [...]

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Guest Post: A Fun Short Essay (By Frank)

Below is a nice light hearted essay from on serving women, written by Frank.  Enjoy!  -Mz KayleeAs you may know I have never had the pleasure of being a lady's live-in servant/boyfriend. But I have had the honor of serving two ladies (consecutively) as their regular domestic. As we speak, I have just completed my first trial run as a servant for a lady I recently acquainted on FL. She would be “my” third Boss Lady.I can't tell you how much I missed it.The joy of being out of the house again. The privilege, and fortune, that I have had to always serve houses nicer and bigger than mine. So refreshing. The joy of wiping bathroom tiles knowing things get real clean for [...]

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Orgasm Control Strategies

I know I am not alone in the opinion that orgasm control (when the wife/gf determines when and how the husband/bf orgasms) is a critical part of a Wife Led Marriage (WLM) or Female Led Relationship (FLR). Orgasm Control is a powerful tool in establishing the woman's authority in the relationship and in making her central in the husband's/bf's world. There are several common strategies for orgasm control that I've come across:Fixed Schedule For OrgasmsIn this strategy the wife/gf puts the guy on a regular schedule for orgasms such as every Saturday, once a month etc. A variation is that after each orgasm the wife establishes a specific date for the next orgasm. As long as the guy is good, he gets his recurring [...]

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My New Foot Stool

Recently I joked with Thomas that I was going to use him as a foot stool. I don't remember how it came up in conversation or why that thought popped into my head but I said it. He replied back, "Well you know I would love it."  I could tell he was half-joking and half hoping I was serious. I always thought the idea was silly but the last post that I wrote about trying something new, was fresh in my mind so I decided to give it a try. I think I surprised him when I replied, "We will see about that. The next time we get the house to ourselves, be prepared to be my footstool."I like to give him advance [...]

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Guest Post: How to Implement Chastity (by AJ)

 In AJ’s follow-up post on chastity (below) she provides advice on choosing a device. I am glad she chose this topic to write about because it is an area that I have no experience with and very little knowledge about. I read it wit great interest and took quite a few notes ☺️. It is wonderful to have others bring new information and advice to the blog.  If you currently wear a chastity device be sure to comment on what you wear and any additional advice.  -Mz Kaylee HOW TO IMPLEMENT CHASTITY by AJIn my last post I wrote about the 'why' and the benefits of chastity as I have experienced them in my marriage. This post cover the topic of how to best [...]

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Guest Submission: Chastity as a Relationship Tool; the ins and outs (By AJ)

 I was very excited to see a guest post in my inbox from AJ. AJ has submitted guest posts in the past and I always enjoy reading about her experiences in FLR and her female perspective on FLRs. She outdid herself with her latest post. It's is filled with lots of great advice and ideas for a leading a FLR/WLM.  Great to hear from you again AJ!  -Mz KayleeChastity as a Relationship Tool; the ins and outsAn introduction to who I am….. I am a happily married woman who has been married now for about 25 years. For the past 6 years I have been living within an FLR structured relationship with my wonderful husband of those same 25 years. Within our current [...]

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Try Something New

I find that submissive men in a marriage are like hi IQ kids in a classroom. Before you get too excited guys, I am not saying that you are super smart. What I am referring to is that intelligent kids get bored in the traditional classroom. They need to be held to a higher standard and be given constant challenge in order to stay engaged in learning. I find that my husband is the same way with submission. When I keep his environment structured and challenging, his submission is high and he is happier while also being more productive for me. If I leave my foot off the "dominant" pedal for too long, then it has the opposite effect. He starts to be [...]

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The Cheese (Guest post by John Dalton)

Please enjoy this guest post by John Dalton. In his post John formulates several opinions, drawing on his personal experiences with WLM. I appreciate his well thought out post and I look forward to the ensuing discussion from all of you. -Mz KayleeI am sure most readers of this blog are men longing for female authority in their life. Some would disagree but I am convinced that all men are born with this desire but it takes time and experience with the right woman to come to terms with this need. Unfortunately, due mostly to socialization and the general nature of women it is very unlikely that a women will ever consider dominance as a means to attract the attention of men . [...]

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