Posting Comments Issue

I know there have been issues where comments are not posting. I have removed the moderation of comments in order to help alleviate the problem. However, it sounds like some people are still having the problem. When I google the issue specific to Blogger, I've found that the problem probably relates to cookie tracking. The default setting in Incognito Mode is "Block Third Party Cookies in Incognito".  If you go to Settings and then Privacy and Security and un-check that option, it may resolve the issue. If you do that you may want to also turn on "Clear cookies and site data when you exit Chrome." This option is in the same setting menu.  This will help maintain your privacy when you exit [...]

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insight Into The Cuckolding Dynamic – A Real-life Experience

In this post, I am sharing an excerpt of an e-mail exchange I had with a fellow Goddess, Mary. Mary has been in a WLM for several years and not too long ago started to dabble with cuckolding. Cuckolding is not something I participate in and so I always enjoy hearing from Mary on how things are evolving with her and her husband with the cuckolding. I find the dynamic fascinating. I thought the excerpt below captured the real emotion and evolution that occurs in a cuckolding relationship and I thought it would be helpful for other to read and learn about. Super special thanks to Mary for giving me permission to publish some of her personal thoughts.  Enjoy!  -KayleeExcerpt from my e-mail [...]

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It’s Good to Say "No" Every Once In Awhile

Last week my husband wanted to go to the store to pick up a few things he needed in order to do some small projects around the house. Being the good boy that he is, when he was getting ready to leave he came to me to inform me of his plans and seek approval. It went something like this, "I am going to Lowes to pick up a few things for the house, ok?"It's a regular question that he asks and my normal answer is 'yes.' This time, he was a bit taken about with my response.  I responded, "No, you are not going to Lowe's now." I said nothing more and he looked at me a little confused and finally asked, "is [...]

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New Profiles

A few new profiles have been submitted recently so please be sure to read them. I enjoy reading through them and find that there is quite a bit of great advice and insights contained within the profiles. I find it reassuring when I read that others have similar experiences and challenges as me when it comes to WLM. When I was first learning about WLM, reading about what others did was a fantastic learning experience for me and also helped me to understand that it is a real thing and not just fantasy. I sincerely appreciate those of you who took the time to write a profile. Thank you! Thank you!I encourage others who are currently in a WLM or FLR to submit profiles. [...]

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What Can I do to Make Your Day Better?

"What can I do to make your day better?""Is there anything I can do for you?"My husband has started to ask the above questions daily and sometimes he will ask more than once in a day. A year or so ago, I had made it a rule that he ask the first question every morning. This lasted for several months but overtime, it lost it's appeal and faded away. What impressed me this time is that he started to ask these questions on his own, without direction from me. Instead of just following a rule, he is sincerely inquiring about my needs. He wants to server me. He wants to make me happy and make my day better. It thrills me so much [...]

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Hi all.  There have not been many comments lately. I've discovered that if you are using incognito mode in Chrome, the comments do not always work. This was not a problem previously. I've published all comments so if you submitted something and it's not published, that is probably the issue. I sent feedback to blogger about this issue. If anyone know a workaround, please feel free to share via comments or e-mail me at  If you are having trouble with comments, you are welcome to send them via e-mail and I will figure out away to publish them. If you choose to send them to me via e-mail, please write them in a format that I can just copy and paste "as [...]

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Using Your Motivators

In my June 12th post I identified a few ways to motivate your husband to obey you and keep up with his chores and service to you. As reminder, the motivators I shared were: 1) the quick tease, 2) conducting regular discipline sessions, 3) playing into his fetishes and fantasies, 4) giving him the punishment he wants, 4) assigning tasks and 5) a gift and word of appreciation.  In this post, I'll discuss ways to apply those motivators. How and when you apply the motivators will vary depending on what you are trying to accomplish, how your husband responds to motivators, and the maturity in your Wife Led Marriage (WLM).In a newer WLM, motivators play a role in training the husband and getting [...]

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A Maintenance Spanking Example

I received the below e-mail from caliBob in response to my last post. It was too long for comments so I am posting it here. In his response, he describes his weekly review sessions with his wife, which also includes maintenance spanking. It is wonderful to read about how others are using discipline or review sessions. I also enjoyed hearing about the Journey Bible that he described in his response. Thank you calibob for sharing your personal experiences and thoughts. This is a great example of putting ideas to practice and I hope it inspires others to do the same.  -Mz KAylee.Thank you Mz Kaylee for a very insightful “Motivating your Husband” post, at least insightful as it pertains my wife, to me, [...]

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Motivating Your Husband

It is our responsibility as the leaders in the relationship to motivate (and train) our husbands to perform to our expectations and behave in a positive manner with a positive attitude. I know some of you are thinking that a submissive should be self motivated to do these things. That would be ideal but let's face it, that is not reality for most people and even those that are self motivated need some reassurance and encouragement every now and then.If you want to get the most of your Wife Led Marriage (WLM) or Female Led Relationship (FLR) then you need to invest time, on an ongoing basis, into leading and motivating your husband. The good news is that the time you invest will [...]

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Another Great Benefit About Wife Led Marriage (WLM)

So things have been a bit stressful and out of the ordinary with COV19 and all the protests going on in the US. Our daily routine has changed significantly and with the kids in the house all of the time now, it's challenging to for my husband and I to find alone time. In the beginning my husband did a great job keeping up with his chores and duties to me. However, as the "stay-at-home" order prolonged and a few personal issues came up, he started to slack off a bit and his focus on serving me was not quite as sharp as it needed to be. I admittedly, became a little lazy in my leadership and was not exerting as much control [...]

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