The Thrill of Orgasm Denial

"You are a pro a teasing. You've gotten too good at it." Those were the words that Thomas said to me last week, the day after an intense teasing and denial session. He was right of course. I have mastered the art of  teasing and denying him orgasm. Thomas has told me that he no longer can predict when I will allow him an orgasm.  In the early years of our WLM, he never knew for certain when I would allow an orgasm but he could often predict when I would cave in and allow it (at least that is what he told me).That was then. Now I'm sterner and have no qualms about denying him orgasm for months at a time, even [...]

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Shifting the Submissive Male’s Focus

I was pleased to see all the comments in the last post. I am very intrigued by the "Parking" concept and it seems like many women employ this technique in some way. If you have experience with being put away or caged, I would love to hear about it. Please share your experience in the comments section of the last post titled "Parking Your Husband."  On a different note....below are some thoughts around shifting submissive men from being self-gratifying to serving their wife or partner.  Enjoy!Most, if not all guys are driven into the female dominate world through their desires and fantasies to be sexually dominated by a female. It’s probably somewhere along the lines of the usual  pornography of a dominatrix or [...]

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Parking Your Husband

I came across this post on “Parking Your Husband”: encourage you to read it in full.  To summarize, the post is written by a dominant wife who  needed a short break from having to be in charge of her husband so she “parked” him. She did this by tying him up and gagging him in a comfortable position and leaving him there for a period of time. I love the concept! I don’t think you guys realize how much work goes into being in charge and how needy you can be. I do absolutely love all the work, chores, and pampering that my husband does for me but sometimes it is nice to have alone quiet time. I may have to park my [...]

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A Special Treat For Thomas

This past weekend, my husband received a special treat. He was allowed to orgasm during sex with me. This is a rare occurrence for him. It might happen twice a year if he is lucky (and good!). He did not know it was going to happen until the very last second when I gave him permission. I could tell he prolonged his orgasm as much as possible and savored every second of it. I savored the moment too and it was amazing and wonderful. It is a very special and deeply intimate moment when two people in love orgasm together. It’s like you are touching each other’s souls and connecting on a deep emotional level. Perhaps I was tuned into that feeling because [...]

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Your 2020 WLM/FLR

I hope many of you heeded the advice in my last post and took time to reflect on your relationship and to plan ways to improve and strengthen it over the next year. In any relationship it is smart to regularly reflect on how things are going and then make adjustments or enhancements to keep the relationship strong and exciting. It is also good practice to do this in all areas of your life. Set goals for yourself and write them down. Did you know that you are more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down? Try Taking that extra step and write them down as vividly as you can. After I write my goals down, I like to review [...]

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Happy New Year

Wishing you all a happy new year! With a new year approaching, it is a good time to think about how to make your WLM even better. To my fellow Goddesses, think about changes you can make to "up" your Goddess lifestyle and what things can be done to motivate your husband to serve and obey you even more. Can he take on more chores or pamper you more? Is there a new routine that can be added to your week or day? What additional rules can you add to keep him in line or make him feel even more controlled and owned by you? You can make it a goal to be more strict, hold him more accountable by enforcing punishments, or [...]

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Why Dealing With Submissive Men is Like Dealing With a Five Year Old

Thanks to all who participated in the discussion from the last post. There were quite an array of responses - some agree, some disagree and some in the middle. A few people took it a step further and talked about men actually being treated like a child or baby, which was not the intent of my question, but I enjoyed the comments and hearing about the experiences. I was glad to see differing opinions because that makes a good discussion and leads to more thought provoking comments. More people disagreed than agreed with the statement that "dealing with men is like dealing with a five year old." I think that is because more men responded than women. Special thanks to the few women [...]

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The Strong Submissive Man

I want to dispel a myth or rumor that you may have heard. Often times I hear of people who think or have the impression that submissive men are weak and inferior people. That is far from the truth. Submission does not mean weak or that a person is inferior. From a hierarchy or power point of view they are inferior to someone else but it does not make them an inferior as person. A submissive man is also not automatically submissive to others. My husband is 100% submissive to me but at work he is a leader and has employees reporting to him. He is well respected among his friends. I would not expect or want him to feel that he is [...]

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Why I Love My Submissive Husband

On Sunday I woke up and a hot cup of coffee was waiting for me, made just the way I like it. That is an every day occurrence for me. I relaxed most of the day and watched TV while hubby did all his chores- laundry, vacuum, clean bathrooms, etc. I had a few errands to do and he was my personal chauffeur. It's nice to not have to worry about driving. In the afternoon I cooked and baked. I do not delegate these activities because I enjoy them. However, the mess I make and all the dirty dishes are cleaned up by hubby. Baking is much more enjoyable when I don't have to clean up. He fills my car with gas [...]

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