What are the benefits of prostate stimulation?

Prostate stimulation, also known as prostate milking or prostate massage, is the act of stimulating the prostate gland for sexual pleasure or medical purposes. The prostate gland is a small, walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. It is an important part of the male reproductive system and produces a fluid that helps to nourish and transport sperm. Prostate stimulation can have a range of benefits, both sexual and medical. Here are some of the main benefits of prostate stimulation: Improved prostate health: Regular prostate stimulation can help to maintain the health of the prostate gland and prevent the development of conditions such as prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, and prostatitis. Prostate massage can help to clear out any excess fluid or [...]

Every man should learn to cum this way only.

What Is a Male Anal Orgasm?  The male anal orgasm is all thanks to the prostate gland. Understanding the prostate gland is important to understanding how male anal pleasure works. The prostate gland is located inside the body, between the anus and testicles. When stimulated, the prostate fills up with a fluid. This fluid eventually becomes a part of semen. The “filling up” sensation that happens in the prostate is what causes the orgasmic experience in the anus! The best way to understand a hands free prostate orgasm, is to watch it happen.  In this video, they use hands, but only for awhile.  When it gets closer, you must stop and let the anal stimulation do it by itself. In this article, whether [...]

Changing Zones – Chastity and Anal Training for Couples

In this training material, you will learn everything you need to have an incredibly fulfilling relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom.    This training is for men and women, but most of the references is speaking to the woman.  It is highly likely that your man is already into this and wanting this life with you.  This training here, will show you the benefits for you, and that this is not just a way to spice up your sex life, but to enhance every aspect of your relationship tremendously using Mother Nature bio-hacks in the way human bodies were designed.  What I am going to show you is tried, proven, tested and true and millions of people behind closed doors live [...]

Keeping a Journal as a FLR Marital Aid (Guest post by AJ)

Somewhat recently, I had an inspiration while watching one of those  older period type movies where one of the female role characters was writing into her diary each day for therapy and reflection. I had one of those epiphany moments as I saw that. Implementing something along those lines could become a useful tool for us to use in our FLR relationship! As result, into my marital tool box which now contains several of his chastity devices, a couple of punishment straps of various types and various other tools and toys of the dominants wife's trade, we have added his daily journal into the mix. Actually, I have made it a point of the fact that the journal belongs to me, it is [...]

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Handling the Finances and Assets in a WLM

A topic that often comes up in Wife Led Marriage (WLM) discussions is how the finances should be handled. Whether you are in a WLM or not, you (the Female) should be involved with the finances to ensure money is not being carelessly spent. In a WLM, the wife should not just be involved with the money, she should have control over the finances and restrict her husband's access to funds. Controlling the finances gives her real power over him and also keeps him from spending carelessly. Additionally, by restricting his spending, it forces him to choose wisely on how to spend his limited funds, which can help keep him out of trouble.  For example, a late night at the bar with friends [...]

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Making Our WLM More Public (Guest Post by Trina)

My desire to make our WLM more public has two main reasons, one altruistic and the other selfish. The first reason is that most of my women friends want to know how and why it is that Tony is such a perfect gentleman and wonderfully obedient husband; most of them know that he was not that way when he and I first got together. So they keep asking me, “What have you done to train him so well?” The second reason is that I find my power over him to be great for my ego and also very erotic, and the more public my power is the more it turns me on, both mentally and physically.As I have related, our marriage did not [...]

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Controlling His Social Life

I want to thank Joan for bringing up the topic of 'the husband's time with friends,' in the comments in my March 28th post. For reference, here are the comments she made:"I'm a little less strict about allowing him some time to be with his friends (they love the outdoors) because he does so much work. I'm flexible with certain expectations, but I'm won't tolerate things not getting done, if that makes sense". "With job stress and Mistress Joan to answer to, he needs a break and earns the downtime I permit. With that said, he knows to conduct himself properly and avoid any and all problems, especially when the men are out in the forest camping and having a few beers. I think [...]

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Female Perspective

 I am enjoying the increased participation from the Female readers of this blog. It is nice for me to hear what other females are experiencing in their WLMs, how they feel about different topics, and to know that I am not alone in what I am experiencing or thinking. I've already picked up a few good ideas from the comments over the last few weeks.  Thank you for those who have participated through comments or guest posts!! I hope more females will comment and share their experiences or ask questions/ask for advice. This is a great forum to learn and understand the WLM and femdom lifestyles.-Mz Kaylee Female Perspective The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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Rules and Routines Come and Go but Most Come and Stay

My control over my husband has become stronger and tighter over the years and it continues to tighten year after year. Each year there is more structure added to our Wife Led Marriage (WLM) either through new rules and requirements or new routines or both. He went from doing a few chores to doing almost all the chores, to being required to have the chores done by a specific time and to specific requirements defined by me. In the early years there were a few fun basic rules for him but now his entire day is shaped by rules and requirements imposed by me. This includes things such as making me coffee and breakfast in the morning, not sitting in 'my chair', taking [...]

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Personally, I like dominating a “manly man” (Guest Post by Trina)

 Personally, I like dominating a “manly man” It seems as if many husbands in Wife-Led Marriages have a desire to be feminized in their submissiveness, and many wives enjoy doing so. That works in many marriages, and that’s fine. While we do a little of that in our marriage, we mostly avoid it. I want my submissive husband to be as manly as possible; it excites me to have power over a “manly man,” rather than over a feminized one. My husband is much taller than me and much stronger. And yet I can snap my fingers and make him do my bidding. That’s sexy! I like my husband to dress as a man, for instance. He does not wear panties or other [...]

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