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In this training material, you will learn everything you need to have an incredibly fulfilling relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom.    This training is for men and women, but most of the references is speaking to the woman.  It is highly likely that your man is already into this and wanting this life with you.  This training here, will show you the benefits for you, and that this is not just a way to spice up your sex life, but to enhance every aspect of your relationship tremendously using Mother Nature bio-hacks in the way human bodies were designed.  What I am going to show you is tried, proven, tested and true and millions of people behind closed doors live this exact  lifestyle without you even knowing it.   So if you want to have a more fulfilling relationship for both of you, buckle up, this will be intense as you learn the secret body hacks that we were designed with that social upbringing has been hiding from you in plain sight.

It is important for you to understand, that just like learning a new language, immersion is best.  Dive deep into this for the next 30 days and follow the instructions here so you speak, and understand the language of femdom.  In it’s actions, your role, your subs role, and why you will love this lifestyle.  So first………

Why would anyone want to chastise their man, and perform various acts of anal on him?

How would you like to have your man be so into you, that his sole purpose is to make you happy?   To have him buy you flowers without nagging him.  To caress your hair without asking.  To massage you without asking.  Well, that is what a very, very horny man will do.  So the secret is to make him horny.  Make him and keep him horny.  Make him so receptive to your touch and words, that there is nothing he would not do to make you happy.  The key is the level of horniness you can get him and keep him at.  The training on this page is LIFE CHANGING.  It is you having everything you ever wanted.  It is being adored, loved, spoiled, and treated with respect.   For the man, it is the way nature intended.  The servant to the woman.  These are bio-hacks learned from women through the ages.   You will learn to completely train any man to be your loving servant and in the process you will unlock some very primal basic sexual instincts that we all have, but are oppressed due to social conditioning.  Is there really any taboo acts between 2 consensual adults if they both love what they are doing, and are hurting no one.  The answer is no.  So open up your mind to a new world of possibilities.

The Basics

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The first premise of a femdom relationship is chastity.  So if you just lock your sub up and leave it at that, there will be no satisfaction for him in this arrangement, and very soon he will become frustrated.  Locking him up and restricting his orgasms to very few, is the best way to increase attentiveness to your desires, not just in the bedroom but out of the bedroom too.

So there must be others for him to feel pleasure.   The 2 main areas I am going to teach you on this are his oral service towards you, and for his sexual pleasure anal stimulation.  In this article though, I am going to focus mostly on the anal pleasure for him.  Please do not mistake this for this being all about him though.  A domme/sub relationship takes work.  From both parties.  The sub must do things that do not please him, but please his domme.

The whole premise of femdom relationships requires that your man is horny nearly 100% of the time but not frustrated.  Chastity, anal play, tease and denial (edging) is how you get this.  In order to get everything you want, mastering these things will make your man putty in your hands.  Careful though.  This power can go to your head, as you will learn to completely own your man inside and outside of the bedroom.  Be considerate of your sub.  Most submissive men that love this lifestyle are alpha men very accomplished and successful in their own lives, and this is a side of them they want to give to you.  This is a gift, this is not just a kink that requires work on your part.  Done correctly, this is the most fulfilling relationship for both parties, and you will wonder what took you so long to get here.

The domme must do things that take work to get the desired results.

After you have moved his erogenous zone from his cock to anal penetration, you will begin to reap the rewards of your training.  By doing this, he will feel somewhat satisfied with the sex even though he is not permitted to orgasm that much.  This keeps him horny and subservient.  This is where you have him inside and outside of the bedroom.  He will go down on you anytime you ask, and do whatever household chores you want.  But you must make sure that you have changed his pleasure zone to capitalize on this,

This lifestyle will reward you, but you must work at it everyday.  It is like anything else.  You need to work at it until it is just the way it is.  Of course you can take playtime off anytime you want, but I would highly advise taking 30 days as the dominant and your man the submissive with as little time out of this dynamic as possible.  It will only strengthen you feeling dominant and sexy, as his oxytocin levels get to where you need them to be.

This work that you will need to do, is to enforce the way he dresses, (little to nothing), enforce chastity in your home at all times.  It will also mean shutting off your tvs and going down the rabbit hole by playing with your sub, watching femdom porn with him,  listening to hypnosis files that will make your more dominant and him more submissive.

In other words, if you want the life that every woman wants but has no clue on how to get it, you must do the work lied out on this page.

Preliminary Thoughts and Benefits.

Just before I get into specifics on the how, here are some things you should prepare with.

Anytime there is going to be Anal Play, to make it more enjoyable for both of you, have your sub give himself an enema.  You want his plumbing fully clean to avoid situations that might not make it very nice.  If he does this properly, anything coming out of his ass should be clean enough to go into his mouth.  When you tell him this, you can bet he will do a good job, because you can bet if you take something from his ass and force it into his mouth that he will do a proper job.

Another thing to note.  Just because you are switching zones, does not mean there is no more regular sex, or stimulation to his cock.  It just really means a lot less more orgasms for him, and a lot more for you.  Switching zones is to keep him horny, so that he begins to like anal play BECAUSE it feels good without orgasm.  Just like many women have been putting up from their men for years.  Not many women can cum from penetrative sex, so this is simply changing roles.  His main sexual organs will be his butt, and his tongue.  You will train him to be very enthusiastic to please you orally, while he learns to be fucked by you for his main source of pleasure.  So, I am not going to sugar coat this for you.  You need to fuck this man A LOT.  While this sounds like a lot of work, let’s look at the benefits.

  1. It is good exercise for you.
  2. You will feel more and more like a dominant woman the more you do dominant actions.
  3. It can be done easily and comfortably and I will show you how.
  4. After your man has switched zones, he will dote on you a lot more.
  5. Your alternative is TV or some other boring non connection activity
  6. It leads to new and exciting things that you pick, and has less to do with his desires than yours.
  7. As you master this, you will be the one pushing boundaries in the relationship in the manner that you want, with his consent of course.  But done correctly, his consent will grow more and more open to your newly found pleasures.
  8. You can make games out keeping your man naked, locked in chastity and doing housework for you.
  9. More massages, and pleasure being directed at you, as you pleasure him by fucking his ass and keeping him horny.

It is key to remember, that his submission to you, does not make him lesser than a man, but indeed shows him that he cares for you, and wants to please you.  Part of this process is changing the way you are pleased too.  To get all the things that most women want, there has to be a change in behaviour from you to illicit this.  This is the whole dynamics of a domme/sub relationship.

In the first month of this training period, please understand that in your previous life regardless of the frequency you engaged with your partner, in your new life, you should be striving to engage in play with your partner and slowly tune out the tv, and other things that are not connecting the two of you at a deeper level.  IN a perfect world, you should be playing with your partner everyday.  This might be hard work, but the payoffs are worth it.  So, please understand these changes in how hard you work this are worth it more than you can ever imagine, and if you participate and follow the 30 day training below, in 30 days you will be pleased with your new life, habits connection with your partner, and newly found sexual skills.

Enjoy the change, because you will discover new and exciting things about yourself and your partner.

So let’s begin.


Clothing rules of the house.

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Make sure your man is locked in chastity at all times at least when home.   Make sure your man is naked or wearing submissive clothing, like g-string, collar, or whatever else suits your fancy.  It is up to the domme to decide what he should wear, regardless of this decision.  If your man wants to play, he plays on your dress code terms.  This helps keep the sub in a submissive mindset along with all the other things you will learn.  He wears what you tell him, no matter what.

You could even pick his outfit for your times that you are alone.  It doesn’t matter what you pick, he wears it.  This is the power of being the dominant one.

If you have guests over, and you are keeping this lifestyle private, then when all your guests have left, and it is free and clear, give him 3-4 minutes to strip and be ready.  If he is not, you come in and ask him why he has not stripped and reported to you.  Tell him to immediately strip, go to the bedroom and bend over the bed.  Spank him hard for 5 minutes all the time affirming his job is to be naked or in your dress code that you have outlined for him IMMEDIATELY after any company comes, and you should not have to remind him.

Anytime you are home and he is not naked or wearing what you have told him too, he is punished for not obeying your house rules.  This establishes that these are your rules in your home.

This is one of the most easiest way to keep his headspace in submissive, and yours in dominant.  If you want to switch roles, have this discussed ahead of time.  Otherwise, you are considered the dominant at all times.

House Etiquette.

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This is very simple.  He is to drop anything he is doing when you ask.  Immediately.  Not in a minute.  Unless it is unsafe for him to do so.  Give him as much time as you want, but the goal posts, should be, you snap your fingers, he jumps.  But this is the outcome, and if you are not willing to do your part, this will not happen.  Your part is to always be game on.  This does not change anything that you like to do, it just means he is naked at all times, and he answers to you, because you have turned him into your horny houseboy slave, that cannot get enough of the way you control him.

Anytime he does not act fast enough, corporal punishment (spankings) swiftly, and hard to stay in constant control in a manner that he loves.  This will be a regular thing in your relationship.

Corporal Punishment

Spankings will be a big part of this new dynamic.  Some will be just to exercise your control over him.

Punishment Spankings With Reference Image.

The below images show what a punishment spanking should look like.  Please read thoroughly to learn how to administer them in a manner that will be received well by your man in training.  These spankings are not meant for play but to show your man that any behaviour that is not acceptable will be met with extreme “not pleasurable” punishment.

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Some will be for disobeying you, or not completing his chores properly.  These punishment ones should not be playful.  They should be hard enough that he does not want to commit the mistake he made to get it.  If you have safe words, these are the spankings that should always make him safe word out.   But you tell him, if he safe words out, that you will resume the spanking after he has rested, and regained his composure and then your resume until your finished or he safe words out.

Only stop spanking when he used his safe word, but you do not have to stop the session.  You can use your language while he is waiting to recoup.  Then continue.  The session only stops when you are satisfied that he has learned the lesson you are trying to teach.  Do not think of this as cruel.  Your sub wants this kind of lifestyle and understands that there will be unpleasant times for him with it.  The reward is worth the punishments.

The real punishments should almost always make him safe word out. Many times depending on the infraction.  These need to leave a sting.  The sting will later on feel good, especially to the sub in after care, in which I will get to in a moment.

Fun Spankings

You should spank your man everyday.  Sometimes it might be a pat on the butt, sometimes, it might be bend over, and you give him spankings just to show him who is boss.  This is fun for both people.   Here are some great images for positions of dominance and fun for both of you.  I personally believe that you should have a scheduled spanking maintenance session once per week, and to make it fun and long session of a half hour to an hour, slowly working through various instruments, and working your way up in intensity.  Done right, you can get just as red of a bum as a punishment spanking WITHOUT the pain, as it is a gradual process.  This is great for practicing your spanking skills.

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Aftercare for Punishment spankings.

After you have safe worded him out once, twice, or even more on a very hard spanking, it is important to always have aftercare.  Aftercare does not refer to taking care of the beat ass.  It is to take care of the relationship.   One of the best things to do is to have the dominant sit on the bed, and the sub kneel in front of her, and to discuss the spanking.  This is the time for a nice conversation about why this happened, and what the sub can do to prevent this in the future.  Ask him to say he is sorry, and tell him that you love him and that you forgive him.   Then avoid any playtime for the rest of the day.  A punishment is supposed to be a punishment, and this is the most real part of this relationship that actually DOES carry with it some great benefits to both parties.  It firmly established the woman as boss in the domain.

Inside of the Bedroom

Mastering these behaviours inside of the bedroom gets you the results you want outside of the bedroom.  Anal play every single day.  You can unlock his cock for this, and also stimulate it for great tease and play but absolutely no orgasms in this first week.  If you are the type of person that once you have had your orgasm your sexual desires drop off completely then I would suggest you do this anal play first.  Do not rush for your fun.  It is important for you to make this changing of the zone.  I will give you some ideas, and setup a sample scene.  However, you can use your own imagination to alter this, or do something different.  Remember, the more effort you make in this, the more obedient, subservient, and horny your man will be for your needs.

Sample Scene great for week 1.

If you have a tv in your bedroom, you can do this in your bedroom for best comfort and ease, and as you master this, you can transfer this to your living room if you have no kids, or anywhere you want to establish your dominance in any room.  But I understand a lot of people watch tv, so to get this lifestyle off to a start, settle in to watch tv like you normally do, with of course your sub naked and locked.  Find a comfortable position for you to watch and settle in to your program, and get him in a position as comfortable as you can for him too.  As you progress, this position can be less and less comfortable for him to add an element of control to the situation.  What you want to do is be in a comfortable position, so that you can insert 1-3 fingers into his anus as you watch tv.  (remember to have him do an enema, and make him take your fingers in his mouth right after you do this, so that he does a proper job). He might resist, but this is not an option, and if he did not do a good job, then he will from this day forward.  Tell him before he does an enema that you will be doing this so that he understands.

A great position is you lying down with your head up, and him lying stomach down with his feet beside you on facing the other way.  That way even with your fingers inserted, you will be able to rest your arm lying down anytime you want without taking your fingers out.  Enjoy your show as you normally do, but periodically pump his anus with your finger(s) speeding up and slowing the tempo according to how you want paying attention to his reactions.

Fuck his ass with your fingers as long as you can each night.  I would suggest no less than half hour (remembering that you can rest your arm multiple times without taking them out). But if you want to for 4 hours, then by all means, of course responding to your sub’s desires.  If he gets uncomfortable, respect this, but learn how to push boundaries.  This will come in handy for all levels of your dominant training.  Make your sub submit to things that he doesn’t necessarily want to do is part of the dynamics of this relationship.  So if he says he has had enough.   Say ok darling, good boy, but you just have to take it a little longer, and then just add another 3-5 minutes.  Maybe even fuck him hard for this last period, as long as it is not hurting him.  Boundary pushing.  The more you learn to push boundaries and make him your butt slut, the more you will be able to get out of him in service to you in the long run.  Once you are done feed him your fingers, and make him suck them clean.

Then if you wish,  tell him he needs to orally please you.  I would advise making him do this every time you do butt play with him, so that he learns to associate anal and oral service to his main ways of sexual pleasure.  This is a complete reconditioning of his mind and translates out of the bedroom quite well.

This oral service does not have to be for an orgasm, it should be for as long as you like, and how you like.  Tell him how to do it.  Teach him to be an expert.  If he gets really good, but you like the idea of him between your legs serving you, keep him there and refrain from orgasm.  Ass licking is good for longterm pleasure without the worry of orgasm.  You can continue to watch what you want, and keep him working your body as long as you want.  This is why you cannot skimp on your anal time on him.  It will pay off for you tenfold.  Make this man horny for anal play, and restrict his orgasms.

This is one scene.  Feel free to change this anyway you want, but the premise is the important thing.  Lots of anal play, decent stretches of time, and always finish his anal play with his reward as oral service to you.


For this week and permanently moving forward, language plays a big part in the behavioural changes that will happen for both of you.  Whenever engaging at home in private, establish some language rules.  Tell him how he must address you.  Mistress, boss, Maam, whatever you prefer.  YOU can address him anyway you see fit, pick something you like and stick with it.  When you are engaged in anal play, I would suggest saying things like:

  • “Are you going to be my good butt slut?
  • “YOur such a horny anal slut aren’t you?
  • “take this, and thank me for it”

You get the idea.  Talking in this manner will be super hot for him, and also start making you feel more and more dominant over him as you are completely making his body your playground.

Strap on toys play

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As you train him to accept your fingers on a regular basis, you will need to start introducing other anal play methods.  Strap on play is bout the most dominant thing a woman can do to a man.   Of course there are many other things, but nothing says I ow him quite like a good fucking with a strap on.  Again, don’t skimp out on time on this activity.  Find a comfortable position, so that you can watch tv if you wish.  Him bent over the bed with you facing the tv, will allow you to be able to do this for quite some time.  If this is not comfortable, try lying on your side spooning him from behind.  YOu can thrust when you want too, but make sure mostly leave your strap on inside of him for the whole play time.  Of course in and out completely is good too, but you should be focusing on stuffing his ass a lot, and continuing not to let him orgasm.  We will get into orgasms later.  Of course, as before, he should always end up orally serving you at the the end of the session if you so desire.

Continue to use your language.  It is such an integral part of this.

Be inventive in positions and find your favourite dominant positions.  Using a strap on is more about you finding your inner domme, than it is to pleasure him.  Both will happen, but there are times you can use this for behaviour modification, punishment or reward.

Some great positions are straddling him with his legs closed lying on his stomach, sitting on his legs, and simply rocking back and forth entering him.  Imagine both his hands tied behind his back, while you use the rope around his wrists as a horse saddle grip to pound his ass good and hard.

This is a perfect sample of a term used in NLP.  Pattern interrupt.  Imagine having a real argument with him and  being able to say ok, thats it, stop.  Go to the room, strip and get naked.  It will immediately diffuse the argument, and then you can take control.  Spank his ass, then mount him, and tell him that you wear the pants in this family, and he is too listen to you, and fuck him hard, but of course keeping it playful.  You just turned a fight into something fun for both of you.  This starts to recondition any arguments.  Even if you don’t argue with your spouse, this could be done on a simple playful needling from him.

The main point, is that if you can find a way that fucking your man with a strap on, hand held dildo, fingers, is something you really want to do, then you are getting very close to having the man of your dreams.  He can still be the masculine man that  you feel safe with, laugh with, and all the other things you already enjoy about him, but now with an extra layer of fun that most couples never get to experience.

Lazy Domme

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This is by no means replacement for strap on training.  Strap on sex allows couples to connect on a different level than most people will. ever get to experience.  Do not become so lazy that you just do this.  Having said that, it is important for you to have a wide variety of anal plugs for training most of the time.

Vibrating ass plugs, metal ones, big ones, small ones…..

During times when he is working around the house, he should  be plugged a lot of the time.  Especially for housework.  Make sure you are the one enforcing it.  Choosing the plug, and the time frame for him wearing it.  Having your sub butt plugged as often as possible is just another tool in keeping his mindset in subspace for obedience, and servitude.  Do not look at this as a strange kink.  Look at it as a body hack into the mind of strong men that would not normally listen to any woman telling them what to do.  Once you reframe it in this manner, it no longer is about kink.  It is about sexual domination.   Because this hack is the way any woman can dominate any man.  There is no physical other way.  It has to be voluntary, and by understanding that men are sexually very primal, and meeting these needs,  while keeping him horny all the time, you both get everything you want.

If you have one that is bluetooth controlled vibrating, have him do the chores, while you sit and relax, and use the remote to let him know that you thinking of him as he cleans the house, sorts and does laundry, and drops to his knees to bury his face in your crotch.

If you understand all of this and wish to do it but cannot find the motivation to get started, the very first thing to do is to change your mindset.  The below hypnosis files played every night at bedtime will help you sleep and increase your desires to do this.  This is the easiest way to CHANGE your desires, beliefs, and life.  These files are the basis for all your desires, and the work that you will need to put in.

Take the 30 day Chastity Anal Training Challenge by listening to these two files every night at bedtime with headphones.

For Women.

Lock his cock

Chastise your man.

Down the Rabbit Hole.

Stretch Your Man

How to eliminate male ego

Train your Kitchen Bitch

Train your man to be house cleaning bitch.

For Men

Beta Male Training

Chastity is your destiny.

Addicted to Eating Pussy

Anal Slut Training

Kitchen Bitch for Men

Eliminate Male Ego 2

After you have done the work on this page, listened to one of the above files every night at bedtime, watched pegging porn, and other femdom porn, you will living the life of your dreams.

The woman will now have the confidence to ask anything she desires.  The man can still have boundaries and say no, but the whole point of this is to liberate us from traditional ways of thinking.   You will have less conflict, as the woman has the final answer.  More intimacy.  This is not just about kink.  It is about connecting in different ways that reinforce traditional ideas and ways.  This is not a replacement.  It is an enhancement.

What have you got to lose?  Try this program for 30 days, and anytime you would like to comment on this training, please do so below.

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