Vintage Japanese Femdom

I believe this is artwork from the 1950’s and a publication called ‘Kitan club’. I’m afraid I’ve no idea what the text says, but I do appreciate the artwork. The couple in the top image seem to be particularly enjoying themselves. You can see some other images from the same series on Homer’s blog. Source: [...]


It makes a change to see femdom with actual PIV sex involved. There are a lot of pictures of fucking, and a lot of pictures of whips and bondage, but they’re so rarely combined. This particular picture is by OtherworldSam and entitled Interrogation II (full size here). Source:

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Dommes & Toys

After my naked ass in the last post, here’s something a little more visually pleasing. The photographer Mete Ozeren has done a sequence of shots featuring NYC pro-dommes and the toys they use. Unfortunately there is not a lot of additional context provided beyond the images themselves. As far as I can tell (based on [...]

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Zippering and Whipping

My San Francisco trip is coming to a close. Courtesy of Mistress Yuki I got to enjoy an intense clothespin zipper. Courtesy of Mistress Ai-Li I gained some vivid red whip marks across my torso. This image – featuring both those things – therefore seems like a good one to feature. I believe the lady [...]

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