Femdom House Cleaning

Femdom House Cleaning Lets get a few things straight boy... You are here on earth for a few reasons only. The first reason is to please women. If you have a wife or girlfriend, this would be her. If you do not, then you will have to please me for the time being. The second [...]

Why I think tribute is a waste of time

Not so long ago I mentioned that I think asking for tribute up front to weed out timewasters is ironically a waste of time. Let’s go into excruciating detail about that like the nerd I am Sadly, it’s very common for submissive guys to be contacted by scammers and end up scared of being burned. If you [...]

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Some actual advice for married subs

A little while ago there was a really interesting discussion in that one Fetlife group I like about married submissive men who are looking for kinky play. I basically wrote a blog post in the comments and figured hey, maybe this would be useful to people who aren’t already friends with me on Fetlife. I’ve [...]

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Is it really about the money?

I’ve seen an awful lot of hate for financial doms on the internets and you know, I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually about the money at all. First of all, when I say “financial doms” I’m talking about people who are completely open and honest about wanting money. People who pretend to want a [...]

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“Whyyyy doesn’t anyone liiiiike me?”

That’s a (heavily paraphrased) quote from entirely too many threads I’ve seen, not a personal question. I know why people don’t like me, I’m a jerk And yes, that does make it pretty ironic that I of all people am giving out advice on how to be more likable, but at least I’m a jerk [...]

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Things new submissive men should probably know, part 4 of many

I’ve said this before, but you know, it bears repeating: people, particularly women, notice when you can’t be bothered to talk to anyone you don’t want to fuck and we hate it. That’s not the only reason you should talk to people who aren’t hot dominant women or who *gasp* are dominant women but don’t [...]

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How do I know if I’m masochistic or just submissive?

Thank you whoever found my blog by searching for “how do i know if i’m masochistic or just submissive?” that’s a really good question It’s really easy to mix these up and depending on how you define “masochistic” there’s a lot of gray area. I personally like Carolyn’s definition, which is that masochistic just means [...]

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Spite week: recap

In case you had better things to do all week than check my blog for updates every single day, I did another spite week of posts that have nothing to do with my kink. In order, they are: Spite week returns! Spite week: cocktails! Spite week: homesick for Azeroth Spite week: sacred moon time my [...]

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Spite week: the message podcast

My husband recommended The Message podcast to me and now I’m recommending it to you It’s more of an audio miniseries than a regular podcast, which I actually quite like because there’s a defined story that ends. It’s pretty short, you can burn through the whole thing in an evening if you need to know what happens next. [...]

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Spite week: weird spooky fiction

Lately I’ve really been enjoying North of Reality, a delightfully odd and sometimes creepy short fiction site. It’s written by Uel Aramchek, who turns out weird little stories remarkably consistently. Some of my favourites are With Bourbon and Lemon Juice, Saguaro Dreams, Baraqel’s Prism, The Gravedigger’s Alamanac, and Thirteen Experiments Involving Parrots. Source: Not Just Bitchy

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