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Is submission learnable?

As much as the idea of training as a universally recognized path to Doing Submission Correctly irritates the shit out of me, I do actually think that some parts of submission can be practiced. To be entirely clear, the fetishy idea that there is such a thing as The Marketplace and one correct way to submit and [...]

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Fantasy, reality, and mismatches

As I was reading a thread about people immediately demanding submission in that one Fetlife group I like, I had a thought. Well, a couple of related thoughts. 1) I thinking roleplaying online is perfectly fine as long as it’s clear that’s what you’re doing, and 2) I think a big chunk of what makes people [...]

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Another take on self-acceptance

Recently I got a nice message from a reader about self acceptance and figured that’s as good an excuse as any to write about something I’ve been thinking about anyway. Unlike some sadists, I’ve never worried very much about whether I’m evil or profoundly disturbed or going to end up a serial killer or something. I [...]

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How to get responses on Fetlife

Maybe if I title a post with the exact search string I saw in my stats, people will read it A lot of this advice is going to sound familiar if you’ve already read my post how to make friends on fetlife for the hard of thinking, but in the spirit of the holidays this [...]

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“why every women should try femdom”

Somebody found my blog by searching for “why every women should try femdom” and if they weren’t disappointed already, they sure will be now Every woman should most certainly not try femdom. If you’re already curious or at least undecided one way or the other, sure, by all means give it a shot. But if you [...]

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Kink in public: keep it to yourself, asshole

Honestly, just go read this excellent tumblr post, I really don’t have that much to add. If you absorb nothing else from that post, take this one thing: those people going about their day in public DID NOT CONSENT TO BEING PART OF YOUR SCENE. I’m not saying that you can’t ever do anything the tiniest [...]

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Bonus spite: more music

Why? Because I can What kind of sorcery makes a fucking recorder sound good?! For those who’ve been spared the misery, a recorder is a terrible wind instrument given to small children to make awful high pitched squeaking noises until a nearby adult snaps and hides it forever. This is how you make a song with [...]

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How to arrange a gangbang as if you’re a fucking grownup

Not so long ago some stupid creepy fuck in my area posted a personal ad that convinced multiple people he was trying to get some poor girl raped. That creepy fuck fucked up so badly that I very strongly and very bluntly agreed with someone I can’t stand just to have a chance of protecting [...]

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Why yes, I read this post by Ferrett ages ago and am only just now getting around to blogging about it The gist of it is that if it comes up naturally, he’s going to talk about how great his other partners are and if that’s a problem for you then you shouldn’t date him. [...]

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