I Love Fucking My Girlfriends Tight Asshole

She was asleep on the couch, she was just laying there, beautiful as ever. I stared at her, like it was the first time I had seen her. Sometimes she just looked so vulnerable and so innocent. I ran my hand down her face, sometimes I just wanted to corrupt it. I got on the couch holding her in my arms, and kissed her neck. Even from behind I could feel her smile. “Hey baby,” she yawned. “Hey,” I kissed her, “How was your day?” “Fine honey, just need something to take my mind off all this damn work.” And thus my brilliant idea came to be, I wonder if she was wearing a bra. “Guess what I wanna do.” She turns around [...]

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My evil girlfriend turned me into a sissy bitch

Instead of fucking her, now, I want to be her, with that perfect ass, and those powerful, sexy, evil dirty looks… My girlfriend’s perfect ass and dominating dirty looks turned me into her sissy bitch boi. Janice tricked Chris Using Forced Sissification The Evil bitch slayed my soul with her absolutely perfect ass, destroying my manhood a little more with each sexual encounter. CFNM was our thing. She would never let me fuck her, because Jesus wouldn’t approve, and besides, she told me, “I don’t fuck fags, you cocksucker.” Janice would give me a reach around if I degraded myself to her evil satisfaction… And I loved being naked on all fours, doggie style, while she remained clothed, and I would beg for [...]

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