The Spontaneous Rush Hour Race

 The  Mother of  Eroticism is  Spontaeity:It has been a while since I have heard from my #1 F*** Buddy.   Hubby has been deprived of some cuckolding.  He sends me articles about some scenarios other  cuckold couples have done.  I took one to heart.    After one of our traditions of him shaving my pussy, after I came, I played with him, then took down his underwear, rolled up & laid on top...I put my pussy on his throbbing cock..saying.."Do you want this",I teased....  My pussy lips surrounded his cock.."This is what you want, isn't it" I purred....   I squrimed a bit & ground my pussy on his cock..I could feel his cock throbbing & his hips coming up to meet me...then NO!   I [...]

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Swing and Miss Steerike Three

 As a kid I loved baseball and thought this post might be a good one to use a baseball metaphor to let you all know what is and has happened here in cuckold husband land.It has been a long time since our last post, and not because we are not posting.  It is because there has been nothing to post about.  It has been so long since another man had his cock in my wife's pussy or mouth there were just no new experiences to post about.About two weeks ago she got a text from her #1 guy.  #1 because she met him first of the two she sees the most often.  They have become permanent FWB's.  In any event used to be [...]

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