How To Cuckold Your Husband – 4 Steps to Making it Work

Cuckolding is a sexual practice in which a woman will have sexual relations with someone other than her partner while her partner is present. This practice is often used to spice up a relationship and to create a more intense level of trust between the two partners. For some, it can also be a way of exploring their own sexuality, as well as their partner’s. For a woman to cuckold her submissive man, she may want to explore her own sexuality in ways she hasn’t before. By allowing her partner to watch her have sex with someone else, she is allowing him to experience something he may never have before. This can bring a whole new level of trust and connection between the [...]

Seduction Strategies: How to Get Your Man to Suck Tranny Cock – A short story

Lara was feeling naughty and had a wicked idea. She wanted to bring something special home for her boyfriend Tom, and she had just the thing in mind. She went out and found a transvestite named Andi who was perfectly suited for the task. Andi had a body that was toned, sultry, and oozing with sex appeal. Lara was sure Tom wouldn't be able to resist. Once Andi was back at Lara's place, she began to seduce Tom with her feminine wiles. She ran her hands down his body, making sure to let her nails lightly graze his skin. She could feel the hunger radiating from him. Tom was at a crossroads. He was feeling aroused and confused, but he knew he had [...]

Pussy Pleasure: A Comprehensive Guide to Eating Pussy

Pussy pleasure is a topic that is often overlooked in the realm of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Many people, especially men, are often unaware of the pleasure that can be experienced from properly stimulating the female pussy. While male pleasure is commonly discussed in the bedroom, female pleasure often takes a back seat. This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the pleasure that can be derived from eating pussy. First and foremost, it is important to create a comfortable and accepting environment where all parties feel safe and relaxed. Before engaging in any type of sexual activity, it is important to discuss boundaries and expectations, and to ensure that both parties are comfortable with the level of stimulation and contact. [...]

Tips for Turning a Man into a Bisexual Sissy: A Guide to Taking the First Steps

Are you looking to explore your relationship with your man and turn him into a bisexual sissy? If so, you are in luck! It is possible to introduce your man to the world of bisexuality and sissification, and it can be a great way to deepen your connection and spice up your sex life. Here are some tips on how to turn your man into a bisexual sissy. 1. Start with a conversation. Before you start introducing any new activities into the bedroom, it is important to have an honest, open dialogue with your man about his thoughts and feelings on bisexuality and sissification. This can help ensure that everyone involved is comfortable and on the same page. 2. Introduce new activities slowly. [...]

Short Story – Turn your husband into your sissy maid.

There was once a woman named Rachel who was a successful dominatrix, known for her strict and demanding nature. Her husband, Tom, had always been submissive and enjoyed fulfilling Rachel's every desire, but he had never considered becoming her full-time sissy maid. One day, Rachel decided that it was time to take their dynamic to the next level. She began dressing Tom in frilly dresses and maid's uniforms, and taught him how to perform all of the household chores to her exacting standards. At first, Tom was a bit reluctant, feeling self-conscious and awkward in his new role. But as he began to embrace his submissive nature and serve Rachel to the best of his ability, he found that he enjoyed the feeling [...]

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What is cuckolding?

Cuckolding, also known as "hotwifing," is a sexual fetish in which a man derives pleasure from his partner having sexual encounters with other people. It can take many different forms and involve various levels of participation by the cuckolded partner, from simply being aware of the activity to actively facilitating and even participating in it. While cuckolding can be a fulfilling and exciting experience for some couples, it is not for everyone and comes with a unique set of potential risks and challenges. From a woman's perspective, cuckolding can be a way to explore and express their own sexuality outside the confines of monogamy. It can allow a woman to feel desired and attractive to other people, and can also be a way [...]

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When Your Country gets Invaded What do you do?

 On occasion I will check the stat log to see where the visitors we get come from.  I see that we get visitors from all over the world.  I do not have a paid account.  Therefore, we do not get a lot of "drill down."  We sometimes get a referring website (usually a good search) and sometimes we will get a bounce from another bloggers site if it happens to be a sex blog or has an adult theme.When I write a post that involves my wife, I like posting a photo (edited of course) since we don't want to be outed to the entire world.  If she is having sex with another guy and I happen to be here and he is [...]

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The Great Valentie’s Day Pussy Massacare

  By Mrs. BDenied My, my, my.  A few days before what I am telling you about, a scheduled rendezvous with my #2 man got cancelled at the last minute due him not feeling well.  Bummer.!!!!     A few days later on Valentine's Day of all days, I got a text from my #1 man. Now, he has really taken my advice to heart. .I told him last minute plans always seem to work out better than planning weeks in advance.   SO, on Valentine's Day he texted that he would be passing through my area the next day between 10-11AM.  Cool, yes It can be arranged! I was getting excited knowing another man's cock would soon be filling my tight little pussy.... Oh, and [...]

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One more last chance?

 So as you who have read the blog know, Mrs.bdenied has two guys.  She designates them #1 & #2.  The number is nothing more than the order in which she met them.  In other words, she knew #1 before she knew #2She likes them both and both of them give her a good romp in the sack.  Both have big cocks and are proficient in their use.  Neither one of them live in our State but at one time both lived in the State we lived in.  One moved to another state, and we moved away from one of them back to where we originally had lived. The last time she saw #2 was in June of 2020.  She saw him twice in two weeks [...]

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