Is UVC Light Sanitation Good for Sex Toys?

UVee Home Play What the best way is to clean your sex toys? Common question. And I am here to tell you that toy cleaning doesn't have to be all that complicated. I am also here to tell you that UVC light is a valid option for those who want their toys to be squeaky clean. What Kind of Toys? First let me be clear that I am referring to only 100% silicone, non-porous toys, including ones that contain electronics for vibration or movement. Please remember that most toys containing electronics cannot be submerged, only wiped down or carefully washed, avoiding charging inlets. Follow the directions on the toy you have to avoid damaging it while cleaning. Are Toy Cleaners Necessary? While there [...]

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Turning the Spotlight on Podcast #301

Pegging Paradise Podcast #301 Prince of Pegging Dogs and Cars and Escapes Email lists and marketing Pretty Dildos! Pegging Celebration Time! He finally asks for it and gets it plus more! Vagus Nerve considerations post heart attack He discovers real femdom exists and I talk about consent He is so giving to her that she revisits his love of anal play and he's hopeful Podcast #112 is a lighthouse for him is so many wonderful ways He seeks a solution to a complicated toy issue Information/Articles Dr. Joe Kort on men wanting to feel desired Paper - Anal sex after Cardiac event Podcast #112 Equipment Andrew Christian Jock Straps! Unicorn Tongue Dildo 2.3" x 7.4" Mr Hankey's Toys Beefcake Small 2.2" x 6.44" [...]

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Why I Won’t Be Reading Zachary Zane’s New Book

No, I won't be reading the book. Warning - incoming rant! I came across Zachary Zane in 2016, because I have a Google alert for the word pegging. He’d written something positive enough for me to form a favorable opinion of him and follow him on social media. I even wrote a short article about him on my blog citing his persuasive and somewhat eloquent quote about encouraging men to explore pegging. In March of 2019, color me surprised to receive this: Hi Ruby, I’m writing an article for Men’s Health about pegging. I was hoping youmight be able to discuss your research with me, and put me in touch with menwho’d be open to discussing their affinity for pegging. (Of course, allnames [...]

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What Makes Taking a Longer Dildo Uncomfortable?

taking a longer dildo when pegging Pegging With Longer Toys Taking a longer dildo can be exquisitely pleasurable, or it can be really uncomfortable. I often see receivers who are relatively new to pegging talk about being puzzled why they can't take a longer toy. Part of it is individual preference. In other words, there are some receivers who absolutely love the sensation of taking a longer dildo. But there are others who dislike the sensation and describe it as feeling like the toy is hitting a wall and can't go any further. Physiology What's happening? As you can see from the diagram above, your physiology takes a 90 degree turn at the back of your rectum. The distance from the opening of [...]

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How to Be More Dominant While Pegging Your Partner

More dominant, please - the thought going through many receivers minds. The magic of Pegging, in my opinion, is that it is a customizable sexual activity. Pegging can look many different ways depending on the desires and leanings of the people involved. One couple might enjoy a sensual, love-making experience while another might prefer a full-on BDSM scene with restraints, impact play, and humiliation. A desire I see expressed often by receivers in pegging groups on Reddit, and in emails sent to me is for the giver to be more dominant. "How can I get my partner to be more dominant while fucking me?" "Sometimes I really wish she would just grab me and fuck me and act a little more dominant." "I've [...]

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Here it is! Presenting Podcast #300 Part Two!

Soft Cock Week is Coming! Podcast #300 Part 2, where Michelle and I continue the conversation talking about responsive desire, celebrating people's no, and more. We explore touch, awakening the prostate, foreplay in solo anal exploration, and giving yourself permission. And don't forget, Soft Cock Week is coming again November 5 - 11, 2023! There are so many subjects around soft cocks that we discuss. Even how the word cock seems to be more favored by one racial demographic - with no studies to prove it! Articles/Information Emily Nagoski - Come As You Are Cuddle Party Soft Cock Week November 5 - 11, 2023 Soft Cocktail Mixer 2022 Barry McCarthy - Coping With Premature Ejaculation Mark Greene - Remaking Manhood Betty Martin Wheel [...]

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This is it! Presenting Podcast #300 Part One!

Presenting Podcast #300 Presenting Podcast #300! I am joined by Michelle Rene, sexual surrogate, sex worker, intimacy guide, human connection coach and creator of Soft Cock Week. We talk about many. many things. You will surely find some nuggets in there for yourself. Thanks for listening! Articles/Information Pegging Gangbang Interview #146 Part OnePegging Gangbang Interview #146 Part TwoPodcast #200 Part OneAnd Podcast #200 Part TwoPodcast #200 Part ThreeStan Tatkin - Wired For LoveJessica Fern - Polysecure - Attachment, Trauma, and Consensual Non-MonogamyDr. Joe Kort - Ask Yourself...Terry Real - Us: Getting Past You and Me to Build a More Loving RelationshipAttachment Style QuizAASECTTammy Kent - Wild Feminine Equipment EnticeMe - Code Ryder for free shipping!SheVibeMr Hankeys So many books to read and ideas [...]

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Men Like to Feel Beautiful and Wanted, Too

The Desire to Feel Beautiful Whether dressed up in a flirty pair of panties and bra or just walking bare-assed naked from the shower, men want to feel desired and lusted after. And while the word 'beautiful' more often has feminine connotations, it doesn't have to. I have met many a beautiful man, and even more beautiful asses - because that's my jam. But I digress. You can absolutely substitute the word sexy here if you like. This craving to feel beautiful or sexy can be even more meaningful in the world of pegging. Getting There Can Be Hard Walking down the path of pegging can put receivers in a tender and vulnerable space. First, they must get past society's BS about masculinity [...]

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Get Down and Get Funky With Podcast #299

Pegging Paradise Podcast #299 She used to peg him but not anymore. Advice? He wonders if pushing the cock and balls back behind the legs has a point? He wants to find the right formula to increase her enthusiasm and pleasure Pegging Celebration Time! He has Equipment questions after their first 3 times He comments on my article and tells a story Seven words and a grammar lesson Shout out and a question Sub seeks prostate orgasm and wants more pleasure for his mistress He's post-op prostate cancer, seeking advice about a strap-on for him He's a virgin looking for a dominant partner, advice? She said no, he made a Funky Rocker! Articles/Information Review of Strap On Me Multi Orgasm Bendable Review of [...]

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The Fifth Day Was Full of Reminders

(Link to Part One) Frank’s fifth day was full of reminders of his punishment the night before. From the moment he got up, even sitting on the edge of the bed, his butt smarted. He checked his cheeks out in the bathroom mirror before his shower. Yep, a few marks, as he’d expected. They stung a bit with the hot water. There was nothing like a good beating. It forced him to be in the moment so powerfully. Nothing else existed but his butt and whatever Cynthia used to deliver his ‘punishment’. He’d slept surprisingly well and suspected that was also a benefit. Once again, he thought about asking for nightly spankings when this week was over. Cynthia was still in bed when [...]

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