Enthusiastic Consent is More Than Just Yes

Can We Talk About Enthusiastic Consent? We've all been there, when someone says 'yes'. But you can tell by their tone, body language or attitude that it's really a 'no'. Whatever your offer or proposal was, their response gives you pause, because you've just received conflicting messages. I recall way back in college, learning this in a communications class. When your non-verbal signals conflict with your verbal ones, people will tend to believe the non-verbal ones. Like someone who says, "No, I'm not tired," with a weary tone and defeated look. Where sexuality is concerned, this discrepancy seems more critical. When you really want to explore new sexual territory, like a new sexytime activity, of course you'd like enthusiastic consent. But what if [...]

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Don’t Put a Condom on that Toxic Sex Toy!

Toxic Sex Toys From Amazon As more people get comfortable with exploring the world of pegging, and sex toys in general, I see an alarming trend. People are buying sex toys on Amazon. Makes sense, as we are all seduced by the cheap prices and fast delivery. But there are so many ways buying a toy on Amazon can go wrong! Read on. Even if you are shopping the best brands of toys, the vast majority of toys on Amazon are knockoffs or fakes. As a result, most sex toy manufacturers have many stories to tell about customers contacting them about a defective toy only to discover it was a fake, almost always purchased on Amazon. If you are a manufacturer of sex [...]

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Podcast #303 Pops Right Up!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #303 Just when you wondered if you'd lost me... Another podcast pops right up! Both sides of an amazing pegging story Some new toys after the ANME show! All 3 Webinars are now recorded and available for on-demand viewing Happy Hour Chats with Ruby are now a thing Private consultations can be scheduled here Information/Articles All 3 Webinars Recorded Happy Hours Equipment Strap On Me Unique Harness dual penetration one size waist 25 - 35 Strap On Me Tapping Wave Dildo 6" x 1.5" suction cup waterproof Strap On Me Realistic 6" x 1.69" suction cup dual density Tantus Uncut Realistic O2 #1 ~8" x 1.75" no suction cup Tantus Uncut Realistic O2 #2 6.4" x 1.6" no suction cup [...]

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The Magic of Simple Witnessing

Witnessing of Big Toy Play What is 'Witnessing'? Let me explain. A while ago I wrote an article about the stigma of men using big toys. There are still many women who cannot accept mere male receptive anal play as normal, and make all kinds of incorrect assumptions. I've countered and attempted to dispel all those myths and misconceptions ad nauseum, for the last 13 years. But even fewer women will accept, much less enjoy, men using big toys. I'm not sure why. Joy They Can't Share Most men who engage in big toy play do it solo. I've seen posts from guys asking how they can break it to new partners that they enjoy large anal insertions. Other posts talk about hiding [...]

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New Strap On Me Inflatable Dildo Plug!

Strap On Me Inflatable Dildo Plug The Basics: Diameter 1.12" - 2.36" Insertable 5.5" - 6.5" Suction Cup Base Waterproof Inflatable Dildo Plug Care Important detail - do not use alcohol, acetone, or 'petrol-based cleaning products' to clean this toy, per manufacturer's instructions. Acetone can sometimes be used to remove odors from silicone toys, but not with this toy! Use antibacterial soap only. Can it be Used For Pegging? Only if you don't want to inflate the toy once it's in the harness. Considering the physics of using the inflation bulb, inflating it during pegging wouldn't be easy, because the base of the toy is where the needle goes in. Theoretically you could put the inflatable dildo plug through a 2 strap harness, [...]

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“I Love Seeing You Like This” – Podcast #302

"I love seeing you like this." My interviewee, Steve, has heard these words many times while receiving pegging from his partner. We hear Steve's story about how he began walking down the path of pegging and how his experience has evolved over the years. He speaks eloquently about what he loves about pegging, and his explorations into crossdressing and chastity. This podcast might be a reassurance to pegging givers who are concerned when their receivers express a desire to crossdress. Hearing personal stories can be heartening and enlightening. Enjoy! Information/Articles Toxic Toys - Article Girls on Porn Podcast Men Like to Feel Beautiful and Wanted,Too - Article Chastity and Pegging - Article Nicole Prause on Neurohackers Interview, Medium, Another Interview Equipment SpareParts Joque [...]

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Is UVC Light Sanitation Good for Sex Toys?

UVee Home Play What the best way is to clean your sex toys? Common question. And I am here to tell you that toy cleaning doesn't have to be all that complicated. I am also here to tell you that UVC light is a valid option for those who want their toys to be squeaky clean. What Kind of Toys? First let me be clear that I am referring to only 100% silicone, non-porous toys, including ones that contain electronics for vibration or movement. Please remember that most toys containing electronics cannot be submerged, only wiped down or carefully washed, avoiding charging inlets. Follow the directions on the toy you have to avoid damaging it while cleaning. Are Toy Cleaners Necessary? While there [...]

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Turning the Spotlight on Podcast #301

Pegging Paradise Podcast #301 Prince of Pegging Dogs and Cars and Escapes Email lists and marketing Pretty Dildos! Pegging Celebration Time! He finally asks for it and gets it plus more! Vagus Nerve considerations post heart attack He discovers real femdom exists and I talk about consent He is so giving to her that she revisits his love of anal play and he's hopeful Podcast #112 is a lighthouse for him is so many wonderful ways He seeks a solution to a complicated toy issue Information/Articles Dr. Joe Kort on men wanting to feel desired Paper - Anal sex after Cardiac event Podcast #112 Equipment Andrew Christian Jock Straps! Unicorn Tongue Dildo 2.3" x 7.4" Mr Hankey's Toys Beefcake Small 2.2" x 6.44" [...]

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Why I Won’t Be Reading Zachary Zane’s New Book

No, I won't be reading the book. Warning - incoming rant! I came across Zachary Zane in 2016, because I have a Google alert for the word pegging. He’d written something positive enough for me to form a favorable opinion of him and follow him on social media. I even wrote a short article about him on my blog citing his persuasive and somewhat eloquent quote about encouraging men to explore pegging. In March of 2019, color me surprised to receive this: Hi Ruby, I’m writing an article for Men’s Health about pegging. I was hoping youmight be able to discuss your research with me, and put me in touch with menwho’d be open to discussing their affinity for pegging. (Of course, allnames [...]

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What Makes Taking a Longer Dildo Uncomfortable?

taking a longer dildo when pegging Pegging With Longer Toys Taking a longer dildo can be exquisitely pleasurable, or it can be really uncomfortable. I often see receivers who are relatively new to pegging talk about being puzzled why they can't take a longer toy. Part of it is individual preference. In other words, there are some receivers who absolutely love the sensation of taking a longer dildo. But there are others who dislike the sensation and describe it as feeling like the toy is hitting a wall and can't go any further. Physiology What's happening? As you can see from the diagram above, your physiology takes a 90 degree turn at the back of your rectum. The distance from the opening of [...]

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