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It’s Good to be Clean

Masturbation Month 2024 #29 (Link to Part One) Cleaning day! What the actual fuck, thought Frank. Sure, he could see the point behind it, and honestly wasn't well-versed on how often a chastity cage needed to be removed to ensure good hygiene. Part of him was glad Cynthia did the research. Of course it was good to be clean. The other part of him was a little peeved that she hadn't told him about it ahead of time. It wouldn't have changed anything. The cage on his cock had become a part of life. Not like he didn't care about it. More like he'd just accepted it. Taking the cage off before the end of the full week felt scary for some reason. His [...]

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Freedom Beckoned, if Only For Two Full Seconds

Masturbation Month 2024 #28 (Link to Part One) Saturday morning dawned. Cynthia woke up early and went for a run. Last night's sexy shenanigans with Frank were still echoing in her head. She felt happy and inspired. When she got back to the house, there was a pot of coffee minus one cup, and a simple note. "I love you. Your Slut Boy." Cynthia grinned and poured herself a cup of coffee. Frank was off to the gym earlier than usual. Perhaps he felt inspired as well. She was glad to have him out of the way because she had a few details to take care of before tonight. There was a package on the kitchen table, and she hoped it was one of [...]

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The Best Kind of Railing

Masturbation Month 2024 #27 (Link to Part One) Times past when Frank had wanted to be fucked hard and powerfully, and Cynthia hadn't been able to bring it, for whatever reason, he had resorted to suction cup toys. Solo play was never as satisfying. No matter how good the toy felt as he thrust it into his ass, precisely fast and deep enough, without Cynthia there it was never as exciting. There was something magic about being witnessed by her in all his trembling lust and vulnerability. So, the situation she'd cooked up tonight was perfect. They'd played with the harness only once before and had issues with it holding the toy well enough, plus Cynthia was sitting on the side of the bed. [...]

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Frank is in Charge of the Ride

Masturbation Month 2024 #26 (Link to Part One) Cynthia got out of the bath, dried off, and went straight over to their toy drawer. She rooted around in the back and found both items she was looking for. "Yes!" She said to herself and began to formulate her plan. She didn't have much time. Frank was quick with his clean outs. Tonight, she was going to put him in charge of the ride. Great idea. Cynthia donned her favorite turquoise bra and panty set and relaxed against the pillows on the bed. She stashed the items from the drawer under one of the pillows. Tonight, she was going to make Frank do all the work. He was right, she felt tired, but that absolutely [...]

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Frank is Down For the Whole Ride

Did Someone say ride? Masturbation Month 2024 #25 (Link to Part One) Frank didn't have much to clean up beyond tossing the pizza box and wiping down the coffee table. He lingered in the kitchen a bit to give Cynthia some time to enjoy her bath. He emptied the dishwasher and wondered what tonight would be like. Despite the slight soreness of his ass, he really did want to get nailed, as long as she used a lot of lube! He was still down for the whole ride. But he'd just have to accept whatever Cynthia decided to do. His ass was, indeed, hers to do as she saw fit. Of course, he recognized how much effort she'd been putting in with all [...]

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His Heart Swelled, Along With Other Things

Masturbation Month 2024 Oh yes, Frank's heart swells, but you need the history. Let me explain. Masturbation Month 2024 is here! And I have added to the story of Frank and Cynthia's adventure for the last two years. It's a story about Frank as a kitchen maid wearing a fancy apron and chastity cage for a week straight, and, wait for it, getting fucked every day. So you will need the Link to Part One, and there you go! At the end of each piece there is a link to the next chapter. So now you've got some erotic homework. Enjoy! Also enjoy Masturbation month! I'm shooting for an orgasm every day this month. How about you? His Heart Swelled, Along With Other [...]

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Enthusiastic Consent is More Than Just Yes

Can We Talk About Enthusiastic Consent? We've all been there, when someone says 'yes'. But you can tell by their tone, body language or attitude that it's really a 'no'. Whatever your offer or proposal was, their response gives you pause, because you've just received conflicting messages. I recall way back in college, learning this in a communications class. When your non-verbal signals conflict with your verbal ones, people will tend to believe the non-verbal ones. Like someone who says, "No, I'm not tired," with a weary tone and defeated look. Where sexuality is concerned, this discrepancy seems more critical. When you really want to explore new sexual territory, like a new sexytime activity, of course you'd like enthusiastic consent. But what if [...]

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Don’t Put a Condom on that Toxic Sex Toy!

Toxic Sex Toys From Amazon As more people get comfortable with exploring the world of pegging, and sex toys in general, I see an alarming trend. People are buying sex toys on Amazon. Makes sense, as we are all seduced by the cheap prices and fast delivery. But there are so many ways buying a toy on Amazon can go wrong! Read on. Even if you are shopping the best brands of toys, the vast majority of toys on Amazon are knockoffs or fakes. As a result, most sex toy manufacturers have many stories to tell about customers contacting them about a defective toy only to discover it was a fake, almost always purchased on Amazon. If you are a manufacturer of sex [...]

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Podcast #303 Pops Right Up!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #303 Just when you wondered if you'd lost me... Another podcast pops right up! Both sides of an amazing pegging story Some new toys after the ANME show! All 3 Webinars are now recorded and available for on-demand viewing Happy Hour Chats with Ruby are now a thing Private consultations can be scheduled here Information/Articles All 3 Webinars Recorded Happy Hours Equipment Strap On Me Unique Harness dual penetration one size waist 25 - 35 Strap On Me Tapping Wave Dildo 6" x 1.5" suction cup waterproof Strap On Me Realistic 6" x 1.69" suction cup dual density Tantus Uncut Realistic O2 #1 ~8" x 1.75" no suction cup Tantus Uncut Realistic O2 #2 6.4" x 1.6" no suction cup [...]

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The Magic of Simple Witnessing

Witnessing of Big Toy Play What is 'Witnessing'? Let me explain. A while ago I wrote an article about the stigma of men using big toys. There are still many women who cannot accept mere male receptive anal play as normal, and make all kinds of incorrect assumptions. I've countered and attempted to dispel all those myths and misconceptions ad nauseum, for the last 13 years. But even fewer women will accept, much less enjoy, men using big toys. I'm not sure why. Joy They Can't Share Most men who engage in big toy play do it solo. I've seen posts from guys asking how they can break it to new partners that they enjoy large anal insertions. Other posts talk about hiding [...]

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