Pegging Paradise Podcast #303

Anal training cone pops right up

Just when you wondered if you’d lost me… Another podcast pops right up!

  • Both sides of an amazing pegging story
  • Some new toys after the ANME show!
  • All 3 Webinars are now recorded and available for on-demand viewing
  • Happy Hour Chats with Ruby are now a thing
  • Private consultations can be scheduled here



I hope you enjoy this podcast. Speaking of something that pops right up, there are two inflatable toys for you to check out this time! One from my last blog post, The Strap On Me Inflatable, and a new one from B-Vibe, the Expand, which luxuriously inflates with the touch of a remote.

Also – the story from the couple is heartwarming and a pure pleasure to listen to. I do spend a fair amount of time solving problems and giving relationship advice here at Pegging Paradise. What a treat to get a purely good news story! In fact, I felt compelled to play the music for them.

Happy Pegging and No Shame!

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Podcast #303 Pops Right Up!

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