Jenny Beaven Refused To Wear Heels to the Oscars

In a glitterized world where women are often required to wear heels at red carpet events, Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beaven boldly states that she will not follow the rules. Jenny wore a black leather jacket with a scarf and flats to Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony where she picked up the Oscar for Best Costume+ Read More Source: Conquer Him

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Actor Terry Crews Uses Chastity To Improve His Marriage

Actor Terry Crews said he and his wife Rebecca King-Crews used sexual chastity to revive their marriage. In an interview with HuffPost Live Crews said that his marriage to his wife of 25 years was “on the rocks” so they spent 90 days abstaining from all sexual activities. Instead, the couple talked and cuddled. “I found that at the end of that 90 days I was more in love. More turned on. I knew who she was,” the 47-year-old former star of Everybody Hates Chris said. Crews also admitted that he had been addicted to pornography, a struggle he overcame with the help of therapy. “I realized the pornography was using people, you’re treating people like objects, you’re treating people wrong, you’re not [...]