Understanding the Appeal of the Sissy Lifestyle

A sissy is a man who enjoys wearing feminine clothing and objects, being subservient to a woman, and often taking on different roles (such as a maid or servant). Sissies often find themselves enjoying the humiliation and power dynamic that comes with being a sissy. While it is a highly personal choice and preference, there are a few potential reasons a man might want to be a sissy. First, some men might find comfort in the femininity of sissy behaviour. For some, there may be a sense of freedom in being able to express their femininity in a safe and controlled space. Additionally, some may find the femininity of sissy behavior to be a form of self-expression; it can be a way to [...]

Advanced Strategies for Mastering Deep Anal Penetration

The first step in getting a submissive male to take an 18 inch dildo anally is to make sure that he is properly prepared. This means that he needs to have an empty stomach and to have showered and cleaned himself thoroughly. He should also be relaxed and comfortable.  The dildo should be very clean too, to avoid bringing in bacteria into the colon. Start with a long tapered one like this: Once the submissive male is ready, the dominant female can begin to get him aroused and relaxed. She can do this by using a combination of physical and verbal stimulation. This can include touching, kissing, and talking to him in a soothing and reassuring way. Once the submissive male is aroused [...]

Unlock His Passion: Tips to Turn Your Man Out

It is not secret that one of my favourite activities is to take a hot straight man and get him to perform oral on another man or a she-male.  Nothing gives me a stronger sense of power.  Especially when I make that man incorporate it, desire it, want it, and need it in their sex life. Here are some practical tips on how to achieve this based on my personal experience. Getting a man to become bisexual through hypnosis and porn can be a tricky process, but with the help of a strong, dominant woman, it can be done. Through careful study of the man’s psychology and the use of hypnosis, porn and the dominant woman’s influence, it is possible to unlock the [...]

Nella’s Introduction to femdom training 2017

I've known since long ago I'm not male, that I have never been comfortable with labels or gender defined socializing. Don't get me wrong, I'll never aspire to be fully women either. I want to socialize, but can not be what is expected of a real man or woman, or submissive like a good slut or doggy, or dominant like a great Master/Mistress/Teacher.  I have enjoyed being spanked harder than some, but I don't see myself as a pain-slut. I want to be used, I want to be acknowledged, I want to play, and I want to learn, and I want to help others become more than what they are now. I hope to have rewards like the above picture.  I luv big [...]

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