Understanding the Appeal of the Sissy Lifestyle

A sissy is a man who enjoys wearing feminine clothing and objects, being subservient to a woman, and often taking on different roles (such as a maid or servant). Sissies often find themselves enjoying the humiliation and power dynamic that comes with being a sissy. While it is a highly personal choice and preference, there are a few potential reasons a man might want to be a sissy. First, some men might find comfort in the femininity of sissy behaviour. For some, there may be a sense of freedom in being able to express their femininity in a safe and controlled space. Additionally, some may find the femininity of sissy behavior to be a form of self-expression; it can be a way to [...]

Lara Meets Paul

Chapter 1: Dinner and a Surprise Paul and Lara had been talking for weeks, ever since they first matched on the dating app. Now, they had finally made plans to meet in person, and they both knew they were eager and a little bit nervous. They had agreed to meet at the Black Olive, a cozy little Italian restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Paul arrived first, and he was already seated at a table when Lara walked in. His breath caught in his throat when he first saw her – she was even more beautiful in person than she had been in her pictures. She wore a simple black dress that showed off her curves, and she had a hint of a mysterious smile [...]

Tips for Turning a Man into a Bisexual Sissy: A Guide to Taking the First Steps

Are you looking to explore your relationship with your man and turn him into a bisexual sissy? If so, you are in luck! It is possible to introduce your man to the world of bisexuality and sissification, and it can be a great way to deepen your connection and spice up your sex life. Here are some tips on how to turn your man into a bisexual sissy. 1. Start with a conversation. Before you start introducing any new activities into the bedroom, it is important to have an honest, open dialogue with your man about his thoughts and feelings on bisexuality and sissification. This can help ensure that everyone involved is comfortable and on the same page. 2. Introduce new activities slowly. [...]

FLR Diary 01 01 02 2017

My Mistress purchased a chastity belt for me, I failed her last year, wanting full castration but backing out of it. I can't afford the constant needles and perscriptions for a full effeminate body, nor should I, I'm not looking to become a real woman.  I am still learning, and this is my new years resolution.  I will be monitoring my sexual progress, and documenting what I can here. Self gasms this year:4 Mistress approved:0 female sexual experiences:0 Current weight 170  goal:140 urethral size: 6 mm   goal:5 inches. anal toy size: 3 inch diameter  goal: 7 (fist) french maid, slave, brown suit, and other  outfits.

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Nella’s Introduction to femdom training 2017

I've known since long ago I'm not male, that I have never been comfortable with labels or gender defined socializing. Don't get me wrong, I'll never aspire to be fully women either. I want to socialize, but can not be what is expected of a real man or woman, or submissive like a good slut or doggy, or dominant like a great Master/Mistress/Teacher.  I have enjoyed being spanked harder than some, but I don't see myself as a pain-slut. I want to be used, I want to be acknowledged, I want to play, and I want to learn, and I want to help others become more than what they are now. I hope to have rewards like the above picture.  I luv big [...]

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Sissy Slut Trainer 21 6 min


Sissy maid Saturday

Mistress is gone for the day.  She left strict instructions telling me to get dressed in my maid uniform, clean the house.  I am to remained plugged and caged all day. So far so good. Love serving my Mistress

sissy in white

Sissy Affirmations

Read These Daily To Be The Best Sissy You Can Be I am a sissy and deserve to be treated like one. I am not a real man, I am a sissy. Sissiness and obedience are dependent on each other. I am an obedient sissy that listens to all men and women alike. I love wearing sissy panties and clothes. I want my sissy ass used and abused by dominant women and men. I am a sissy cocksucker, and I love it. I will always strive to be the best sissy I can be. Sissiness is my right, and I wear it proudly. I am here to serve men and women equally. Follow us on:Sissy Affirmationshttps://www.femdomtraining.ca/sissy-affirmations/

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