Support For Women Being Dominated By Submissive Men

Yesterday I wrote about my realization that men who identify as submissive are too demanding. This realization hit me as I sifted through the responses from a survey I sent out about the fears men have about developing Female Led Relationships. So many men reported that their biggest fear was not meeting a woman who+ [...]

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Submissive Men Are Too Demanding

A few days ago I posted a link to a survey asking men about their biggest fear about developing a Female Led Relationship. As the submissions poured in my spirits sank and I felt awful. These anonymous submissions were very important in my quest for a better understanding of why it seems so difficult for+ [...]

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30 Days

After 30 days of  denial,  maintaining a spotless kitchen and unending chores,  my Queen finally allowed me to release via a slow, draining hand job. I am on the once a month schedule now, and she is satisfied with that.

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nadia sissy

I present my name is nadia sissy I milan I did a bit of experience coem waitress but I would achieve my goal to be a true maid in effect know duragradire do abroad experience and see what results can I have experience as a DOMINATE foreign and see what I can undertake with elle [...]

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Looking For Submissive Men Who Want To Be Honored

It’s my dream to become a matchmaker between Submissive Gentlemen and Powerful Women. I am cultivating a community of powerful women and successful female entrepreneurs and I want to introduce them to Conquer Him one day. But there are obstacles, of course. When I use the term ‘submissive man’ these vanilla women imagine that submissive+ [...]

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