30 ways for the woman to take charge in her relationship

1. Experiment with different roles in the bedroom and take charge of your partner's pleasure. 2. Engage in role-playing scenarios where you are the dominant partner. 3. Introduce the idea of using a strapon during sex to take on a more dominant role. 4. Communicate openly with your partner about your desires and fantasies. 5. Take the lead in initiating sex and setting the tone for the evening. 6. Use dirty talk and commanding language to assert your dominance. 7. Explore BDSM practices such as bondage and discipline. 8. Attend workshops or classes on dominant/submissive dynamics to learn more about power play in the bedroom. 9. Invest in sexy lingerie and accessories that make you feel empowered. 10. Practice assertiveness and confidence in [...]

I Practice FLR with Married Women

Thank you very much for putting together the course Becoming an Anchor Course for Men. Thank you so much for your guidance and good humor with it! I have gained a huge insight from this and I am confident that my interest in FLR for the last five years is now about to shift up a+ Read More The post I Practice FLR with Married Women appeared first on Conquer Him. Source: Conquer Him

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5 Tenets of Successful Female Led Relationships

Creating a successful and happy Female Led Relationship isn’t as difficult as you may think. Here are the 5 Tenets of a Successful Female Led Relationship. How does your FLR match up? 1. Always honor her choices and desires. It is very important that the man in the relationship remembers to always honor the choices+ Read More Source: Conquer Him

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Focusing On Myself Helped Me Become a Goddess

I have known Alex since I was a child. We both grew up overseas and our parents worked together. We hung out as kids and his older brother is a good friend of mine. Alex is younger than me by 4.5 years. As we got older our paths separated and we both went away for+ Read More Source: Conquer Him

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Our Love Grew Into A Female Led Relationship

We meet while at Grad School in Cambridge Massachusetts – from the beginning she was amazing – I saw her across an auditorium at our orientation the first day of classes. It was for me love at first sight! For the first couple of terms She would be nice to me but her friends told+ Read More Source: Conquer Him

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Our FLR Contract Worked Wonders For Our Relationship

My guidance could and does impact my partner. Throughout our relationship, he has made so many positive improvements to his life through my direction. Prior to our relationship and me coming and taking the FLR role without knowing that was what I was doing, he didn’t have a lot of direction. Coming into his life, I made a lot of changes. To make a long story somewhat short we got custody of his son. This was something he was not going to push for. I think based on my direction and the guidance I had with seeing the condition his son was in, that he opened up his eyes to what was going on and worked to get custody. This was at the [...]