Dear Queenie: My Husband Doesn’t Want a FLR

Dear Queenie, I have taken to the idea of a Female Led Relationship but I can’t seem to get my husband on board. My husband doesn’t want a FLR. He is comfortable with me doing the majority of the housework and caring for him like I have been for the past 13 years. I don’t+ [...]

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I Was Living in a Fool’s Paradise Until I Met Tiffany

I was in a vanilla type relationship with my Wife because my upbringing was such that I was always given to believe that the man should be leading the relationship. I too was always under the false notion that a man is happy with this arrangement. This was my male ego speaking but I was+ [...]

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I Introduced FLR With a Letter To My Wife

I mentioned to my wife the other day about Female Led Relationships. I pointed out to her, that for the most part our relationship has been female led. Most of the major decisions in our lives together were her decisions. For example, when we met at college, we started dating 4 months before I graduated. We+ [...]

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I Practice FLR with Married Women

Thank you very much for putting together the course Becoming an Anchor Course for Men. Thank you so much for your guidance and good humor with it! I have gained a huge insight from this and I am confident that my interest in FLR for the last five years is now about to shift up a+ [...]

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5 Tenets of Successful Female Led Relationships

Creating a successful and happy Female Led Relationship isn’t as difficult as you may think. Here are the 5 Tenets of a Successful Female Led Relationship. How does your FLR match up? 1. Always honor her choices and desires. It is very important that the man in the relationship remembers to always honor the choices+ [...]

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Our FLR Contract Worked Wonders For Our Relationship

My guidance could and does impact my partner. Throughout our relationship, he has made so many positive improvements to his life through my direction. Prior to our relationship and me coming and taking the FLR role without knowing that was what I was doing, he didn’t have a lot of direction. Coming into his life, [...]

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