Zero vanilla time = extreme lifestyle?

I cover this topic in my BDSM Manual but I thought I would post about it firstly, because the greater number of lifestyle couples I learn about, the more interested in the topic I become, and secondly…………. you will read later on in the post. When a couple are in a Femdom relationship, it seems to me that the most major determinant of how extreme is that relationship, is how much the Domme enjoys the vanilla company of their sub as a supplement to her enforcing, full-on BDSM activity time. I know I am thought of by many as an extreme lifestyle Domme, but I don’t think I am. The reason I don’t is the considerable number of activities in which I want bitch-boy’s vanilla company, not slave company. Dining out and [...]

Those Innate Drives- Good and Bad

So humans are born with powerful drives already installed. For males that drive to make offspring has handily morphed into the more simple drive to orgasm, (without another human present if that is the only option when the drive kicks in). Two or three times a day if many of them could. So control those orgasms and control the man, torture the man, humiliate the man. Females have a drive for orgasms derived only from the endorphins pleasure the orgasms bring, so can do without for periods of time with rather more decorum than males. (I can see no female drive for sexual pleasure linked to any drive to have babies, just saying.) Obviously there is the bad drive for consuming calories, not helpful! [...]

#EuphOff2018: The Semi-Moist Treat Stick Edition

In which I enter a bad sex competition. Wish me luck as I try to pack the most cringes into a sub 500 word story, in my chosen genre. Worst Intentional Femdom Story of 2018! She was not like other dommes. Of course she charged hundreds of dollars to provide intimate and erotic control, accepting the gift of cash as a part of the sacred gift of submission. But she was a nice normal girl who was only doing it to pay her way through college. Not like that competitive jerk who was her age but much more unhinged and also working at the dungeon. Mama Mistress had mentored and trained her, and matched her with the hunky Mediterranean millionaire she was [...]

Times have changed.

Obviously not in every country in the world have times changed, and some countries are going backwards in freeing women from oppression, (Turkey being the worst regressing country at the moment). But overall in the civilised world, women’s oppression is being eradicated and the images in this link are fascinating and amusing, (one example below); and SHOCKING when you appreciate the original posters are REAL! But then given the number of countries that still profoundly oppress their women, perhaps not so surprising. Religion certainly has a lot to answer for in those countries and not just Islam. Oppression of women is carried out in the names of Judaism, Christianity and even Buddhism in a good number of countries.                   [...]

Huge Ribbon Bows

Before addressing huge ribbon bows, regular readers of my blog will know that when forcing a sub into sissy attire or parody of a little girl attire, (or parody of a schoolgirl attire),  I favour a little dress that comes down only to the hips. Huge humiliation is inflicted from the front if the shaved genitals with a restraint locked on are in view, or just shaved and soft; indicating it is no sexual pleasure at all for the humiliated male to be treated so. And humiliation from the rear too if the butt and/or backs of thighs display the results of a recent harsh punishment. But it seems from the reactions of the helpless males I have been involved with that almost as bad, OR PERHAPS WORSE, [...]

Want what they can’t have

Its human nature for many to want most what they can’t have and this can be used to manipulate many submissives. If your sub, does not show a clear indication of the privilege they enjoy from licking your pussy, try telling them they are banned for a couple of weeks; perhaps a month. Don’t let them get anywhere near your body. I think you will find they then genuinely beg for the privilege and are grateful forever more, under the constant threat of another period of denial. The same tactic can be used for many things. Moisturising your body, washing you in the bath, brushing your hair, giving a pedicure, etc. And their humiliation is delightful to witness when they find themselves genuinely begging for such ‘privileges’. [...]

February Petticoat Discipline

The Petticoat Discipline site of readers letters has, over the years, given me many, many delicious forced petticoating, extreme humiliation ideas for using on helpless grown males who HATE every second of their petticoating. I thought I should broadcast that the February edition had some letters of high quality which is very pleasing.             Over the past couple of years, far too many letters have been about sissy males who want to be petticoated and love being petticoated, suffering no humiliation at all from this. Obviously these letters are not about Female Domination and not of interest to me. Source: Ms Scarlet February Petticoat Discipline #femdomhypnosis #femdomtraining #malesubmissivetraining #femaledominancetraining #femdomhusbandtraining

Stinging Nettles Arrive!

Only mid February and the stinging nettle shoots are up. Delightful. They may be only the length of a finger, if that, but if you are a follower of my blog you will know that the early nettles, before they have flowered, sting the most and the stings last for ages! And the leaves are all close together in a dome at the top of the stem, rather than being spread out along the stem as will happen in the summer.   I would normally have waited until they were long enough to grip the stems and then use like mini whips on poor little subby’s cocks with the nettles blanket. But why wait? These will be ideal to use like little [...]

Popular Tumblr site

Well my Tumblr site now has over 15,000 followers. What I like most about the continued growth of follower numbers is that those themes I like have a popularity possibly larger than just niche. It is a constant unanswered question though. What percentage of the population of the civilised world are aroused, (if just a fantasy), or contented, (if a lifestyle), by these themes of female dominance? And perhaps, are there more dominants and subs than LGBTQ people? (Ignoring the Venn diagram  issue of LGBTQ dominants and subs.) I only wonder that as I have an intuitive feel for how many LGBTQ people there are. At the moment in the UK and USA, the mainstream media are set against mutually satisfying relationships of [...]

Fantasies On The Weekend

I wonder about how he’d look helpless. We haven’t had that opportunity to restrain him completely, although I know he’s game (no leashes though, no! Noooo! It’s kinda cute how resistive he is, even if I’m going to respect that hard limit). Coy man will hide what he wants behind what I want, but occasionally can be pushed to state a preference. My cunt’s a cleft of wet, panties carrying the stamp of my thoughts in white on black, fingers smelling of the apple scented hand soap after I carefully remove my own scent from my fingers after another orgasm. I come easily and frequently, sometimes with the width of a thick toy eased inside me, sometimes just plain old fingers like [...]