Swipe right for handymen

I’m not sure how I feel about this article on women using Tinder to get chores done around their home. The assumptions about which gender can do what chores is kind of depressing in itself, but let’s set that aside for the moment. Are these smart ingenious women making use of their natural talents to [...]

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I’m very proud & excited to announce that I’m now my wife’s nude servant/cuckold!

Hi.  If you'd read my previous posts, I voluntarily put myself into chastity about a year ago and it has been the most exciting and fulfilling adventure of my wife's and my marriage.  A couple of months ago, she started to cuckold me with a black guy with whom she works named Charles, who has [...]

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Oddly popular femdom topics

I often do image searches on particular femdom themes, and I’m frequently surprised what topics turn out to be popular. Last month for example, I was looking for some witch themed femdom, and failing to find much of interest. I’d have thought those two were a natural fit. I also recently spent some time looking [...]

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Submit to her

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Stupidity in the UK – now slightly reduced

Regular readers will hopefully remember me covering some really stupid new laws in the UK that attacked freedom of expression and had a big impact on independent BDSM producers. Posts like this, this and this touched on some of the background and the law’s impact. The good news is that the agency responsibly for clamping [...]

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Model Behavior

His feelings don't count. It's what the women want and nothing else.

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Under Her Control

Pressed up against the wall, i cannot escape Her wrath. i get the feeling i'm going to suffer quite a bit. All i can do is surrender myself to Her.

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Simply put

He was told to "stay" and spent the next hour contemplating his sins. She steps into the room to deliver penance.

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