Chastity Training & Acceptance for Couples


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For Men

Let’s face it.  Since you are interested in Femdom, there is only one conclusion to draw.  You need chastity.  Even if you don’t think you do.  Chastity is the basis of femdom.  Only with a locked up cock will you truly learn to serve the women in your life properly. This file will be sure to make you want chastity.  It will make you crave chastity.  It will teach you the true meaning of being a submissive male in a femdom relationship.  Download if you dare.

Hypnosis File Length: 58 Minutes and 24 Seconds

Day Training File Length: 42 Minutes and 43 Seconds

For Women

Male chastity is the cornerstone of a successful femdom relationship.  You cannot trust your man not to masturbate.  At least not in the early stages of training.  And even in the later stages, if it is working, why change a thing.  Long term tease and denial with occasional release is how to keep a man beckoning to your every word.  Craving to satisfy you.  Craving to make you cum.  Enjoying cooking, cleaning, and serving you.  It all starts with his cock being locked.  What are you waiting for?

Hypnosis Trainer File Length: 28  Minutes and 25 Seconds

Day Trainer File Length: 13  Minutes and 22 Seconds

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1 review for Chastity Training & Acceptance for Couples

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    I have downloaded and loved this piece. Once i realized I was ready to be Locked Up , these pieces gave me excitement and perspective from both Male and Female point of view. Must listen for those of you playing Cock Lock

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