LOCKtober started

As I have written about here many times, MrsL prefers more of a Devotional Sex (make sure you have a great malware software when visiting that site…it is not secure) lifestyle for us.  Her sexual awakening comes with an absolute love for playing with the penis.  Most of the time, she would rather not be bothered [...]

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At A Loss

What is one supposed to do when it becomes stressful just thinking about visiting your Dad?  It is not because of any issues with my Dad.  No, it is because the woman he married after my Mom passed has become an absolute raging bitch! How does one reconcile the anger and disappointment of watching the [...]

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An End and Beginning

The string of orgasms granted by MrsL has officially ended.  Sunday morning sex is awesome and even though I was completely drained from multiple orgasms every day for a week, I enjoyed this one.  I sensed it might be my last even though she didn’t say anything until last night.  Thus, an ending. Last night [...]

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New Ankle Bracelet

As we were strolling through Fremont Street last Saturday night, we walked by a kiosk selling custom designed necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. We stopped. I asked MrsL if I could design one for her and she said yes. It is not “the key” but it is tells the tale. Oh, she wears it out almost [...]

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Orgasms as Discipline

So, a funny thing happened the last night in Las Vegas and continues through the writing of this post.  The irony is that someone retweeted this LINK today and while I was reading the article I am now curious…but I really know the answer is no…does MrsL have a Tumblr account and is following that [...]

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It’s Her Birthday…

…so she does what she wants! This happened when we got back to the room after a couple of hours gambling. She asked if I knew the odds on receiving an orgasm…? I can tell you this…the HOUSE won! So, why am I out of her Steelheart? She told me this morning that while she [...]

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My Inner Geek

Sitting here locked in MrsL’ Steelheart watching her sleep is so beautifully erotic, sexy, and just downright fun. However, it also gives me a chance to get caught up on some email. If I haven’t mentioned it here before, I am a HUGE Fantasy Fiction fan. I’ve been reading FF since I was old enough [...]

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Viva Las Vegas

I brought MrsL to Vegas to see one of her teen heartthrobs, Donny Osmond, for her birthday. Due to travel and mild abrasion, I have been out of the Steelheart for almost a month. When we finally got to our room at 12:30 last night (another post for another day), I waalked right in and [...]

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Family Drama Never Ends

Just when you think the family drama has calmed down for awhile….BOOM! As I tweeted about when it happened, 23’s fiancée dumped him without warning.  He says they had been “drifting apart” since he moved to Charleston for his job but the truth of the matter is she had seen him more since she graduated [...]

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Before Work

When MrsL left for her team meeting yesterday afternoon, I was taking a little nap to make sure I didn’t fall asleep during the 4 hour video conference with Australia.  When I woke up, I found a note waiting on me by my phone. When I get home from my meeting, I want the X [...]

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