After much thought, I have decided to shut down this blog.  I will keep my Twitter account up and running and will continue to read and follow my favorite blogs on here. I will also keep my email address to carry on those friendships and conversations.  I just will not be keeping this blog active. No, nothing has happened or changed between MrsL and me.  Yes, we are still living a Devotional Sex / part time enforced chastity lifestyle.  We just spent an awesome weekend together complete with going out drinking/dancing locked in her Steelheart. The primary reason I am shutting this down is I have decided to pursue a life long goal of becoming a published author of fantasy fiction.  I [...]

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Back in Steel

It’s been almost a month of being unlocked due to travel and then both of us being sick. Today, with our anniversary coming next week, I was ordered back in MrsL’s Steelheart! So damn happy to be locked up! We are going to celebrate this weekend at Howl at the Moon then a hotel! I hope to stay locked until I have to leave next Tuesday??? That’s when I have to get back on a plane headed to Houston. Back in Steel

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2020…A New Beginning & New Issues

Happy New Year! I wish everyone a great year.  As for me… Received an awesome reward from MrsL after the new year….a great orgasm.  That brought some joy after a really bad weekend. I went home to see my Dad over the weekend.  Nothing has improved with his relationship with his wife.  I get it…she is on her third marriage (first one ended in divorce because he cheated on her, second ended when her husband passed from cancer, and now my Dad) PLUS she had to bury her only child two years ago so the holidays are hard on her.  BUT those losses DO NOT excuse insulting him, belittling him, and treating him the way she does.  To make matters more concerning:  she [...]

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Welcome Home

Just checking in to let everyone know my trip to Paris, complete with lots of labor unrest and strike activity, was great.  Yes, it was a business trip with long days but still the food and wine in Paris is always incredible. I was exhausted and in bed by 9:30 last night but still woke up when my gorgeous MrsL crawled in bed beside me a couple of hours later.  She snuggled up next to me giving me a light kiss on my cheek.  I took off my CPAP mask and as she was beginning to say: “I didn’t….” I rolled over and began kissing her passionately. Sometimes, spontaneity really does lead to awesome sex.  She wanted me inside her and I wanted [...]

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A Perfect 48 Hours

The last 48 hours at home with MrsL locked in her Steelheart before embarking on this trip Paris were fucking brilliant culminating in one of the hottest teasing and denial sessions I can ever remember. It started Thursday night when I was unlocked for my nightly supervised cleaning.  We both like the nightly cleaning for many reasons but that is a topic for yet another post.  As she was unlocking her Steelheart she hinted that she might want to play with her cock after it was clean.  I quickly cleaned myself and the base ring, I’m not allowed to take that off just the tube, then cleaned the tube and walked out to the bed having left the cylinder lock and tube on [...]

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Thoughts on Chastity

It has been awhile since I have spent this many days locked in MrsL’s Steelheart.  Couple that with the fact that I was at home by myself for half of this period, I have had a lot of time to ponder a few things; specifically, some questions I have received via this blog, FetLife, and Twitter. There are; inevitably, two major themes drive most of the questions/comments.  First: you are not really living a chastity lifestyle because you are not locked.  Second: my masturbation doesn’t take a toll on my sex life. Let’s start with the obvious:  I’ve been told by several men and women alike that I can’t say I am chaste unless I am in some type of chastity device.  Let’s [...]

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The Streak Ended

Our weekend was awesome. MrsL got home later than she expected Friday.  There was a minor issue with her Dad Friday morning…a cap on his front tooth came off over night and after trying to buy some dental repair stuff at CVS she decided to call his dentist office.  His dentist didn’t call back until 11 a.m.  When her Dad found out his dentist wasn’t going to come by until Sunday, since he was out of town, he shooed her out the door. Oh, I promised a summary of why she was back in Tennessee…so here is the Reader’s Digest version: her Dad is an 83 y/o man’s man, hip surgery 10/29, recovering nicely, 3 weeks post surgery went to Y, 10 minutes [...]

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I try hard to create my own content and put my own thoughts here on this blog. Sometimes, someone you have followed and use as a role model in your chastity journey writes something that speaks volumes. When I first started down this path four years ago , one of the first blogs I found was Denying Thumper. I read his blog from the first article to most current at the time. Many of his post spoke to me then and his post from yesterday spoke volumes. The irony of reading his post this morning came as I was replaying the beautiful sensual sex MrsL and I had last night when she got home. I will save that for a different post. If [...]

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The New Play Space, Finale

Erotic fiction.  Enjoy. Becca kicked off her high heels then began to settle into the oversized bean bag.  It seemed to wrap itself around her as she wriggled into a comfortable position.  She reached over to a small table she had pulled beside the bean bag to pick up jar of coconut oil.  She had found that coconut oil was by far the best lubricant for her toys plus she knew Adam loved the taste of it mingled with her own sexual juices. She giggled knowing Adam might not get that chance tonight…or he might.  She hadn’t really decided. She dug her fingers into the jar and locked eyes with Adam. Adam was struggling with the maintaining the proper balance. He knew it [...]

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Something New & Exciting

MrsL and I use Snapchat for fun sexy texting. I think they call that sexting? Well, tonight we used it for something a bit more interesting! We were actually talking on the phone when I mentioned I was heading up to go through my nightly cleaning routine for the Steelheart. She asked me the craziest question: “Can’t we video chat on Snapchat?” When I said yes she told me to video call her when I got upstairs because she wanted to supervise me. So, we had our first video snapchat call while I cleaned the Steelheart. The really awesome part…she was sitting watching her Mom decorate her Christmas tree with the volume down on the call…just watching! A couple of times she laid [...]

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