Make America Golden Again

As I’ve written in the past, I try not to feature a lot of politics on this blog. However, when politics and kink collide, I figure people are playing on my turf and the story is fair game. If the major TV networks are going to talk about golden showers, then the least I can [...]

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Large cheating ladies

A new year always means one thing – a lot of ‘year in review’ and ‘top trends’ article. They’re the staple of lazy newspapers and bloggers across the world. Throw some sex into the mix and you’ve got instant clickbait. The one that caught this lazy bloggers eye was this from the Independent. According to [...]

Swipe right for handymen

I’m not sure how I feel about this article on women using Tinder to get chores done around their home. The assumptions about which gender can do what chores is kind of depressing in itself, but let’s set that aside for the moment. Are these smart ingenious women making use of their natural talents to [...]

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Ladykiller in a bind

Fans of dating sims, visual novels and kinky consensual lesbian sex might want to check out a new game called Ladykiller in a bind. Or, to use it’s full and very descriptive title – My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress As Him And Now I Have To Deal With A Geeky Stalker And A Domme [...]

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One of the weirder elements – of what has been a seriously weird year of politics – has been the rise of the term ‘cuck’ or ‘cuckservative‘. As this GQ article explains, it’s an insult used within the right to suggest someone is weak and reluctant to take a firm conservative stance. The derivation is [...]

Fire and water

I’ve been avoiding watching the Olympics. Partly because most of the sports aren’t interesting to me, partly because the IOC is the only organization that can give FIFA a run for its money in terms of sleaze and mismanagement. From drug testing, through the choice of host venue, to the ridiculous lengths they go to [...]

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Kicking ass in the CIA

I’ve just been re-watching the Jason Bourne trilogy. It’s not a particularly subtle or intellectual series, but it is fun to watch late at night over a drink or two. Personally I prefer the directing of Doug Liman (who did the first Bourne Identity) rather than Paul Greengrass (who did the two sequels). Liman’s style [...]

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One of the more remarkable aspects of the Brexit story is the contrast between England and Scotland. While England was mixed on the issue, with a slight bias to leave the EU,  Scotland was heavily in favor of remaining. As a result there’s now new discussion on Scottish independence and how it could remain part [...]

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Stupidity in the UK – now slightly reduced

Regular readers will hopefully remember me covering some really stupid new laws in the UK that attacked freedom of expression and had a big impact on independent BDSM producers. Posts like this, this and this touched on some of the background and the law’s impact. The good news is that the agency responsibly for clamping [...]

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That’s Mistress Hillary to you

I couldn’t do posts on politics and photoshopped images without featuring this famous one of Hillary Clinton. It’s from Spy magazine in 1993. That was Bill’s first term, when Hillary was driving for a health care plan known (inevitably) as Hillarycare. These days this would be considered as the kind of amateur photoshop job that [...]

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