17 reasons a woman might want a submissive man.

Here are 17 reasons why women are attracted to submissive men. 1. She may feel more confident and empowered in a relationship where she is the dominant partner. 2. She may enjoy the feeling of control and authority over her partner. 3. She may prefer a more passive and obedient partner who is willing to follow her lead. 4. She may enjoy the thrill of being the one in charge during intimate moments. 5. She may find submissive men to be more attentive and considerate of her needs and desires. 6. She may appreciate the opportunity to explore her dominance and assertiveness in a safe and consensual way. 7. She may prefer a partner who is less assertive and more willing to [...]

Erotic Short Story – Will you wear this for me?

The woman sat across from her partner, fidgeting with the collar in her hands. She had been thinking about this conversation for weeks, ever since she had first discovered the world of BDSM and the concept of a submissive partner. "I know this may be a little out of the blue," she began, "but I've been doing some thinking and I want to explore this side of myself. And I want to do it with you." Her partner looked at her with a mix of curiosity and concern. "What do you mean?" he asked. "I want you to be my submissive," the woman replied, her voice shaking slightly. "I want to be your dominant, and I want you to wear this collar as [...]

Celebrating scoring

I stumbled across this image yesterday while looking for something to feature with the pegging article. Given that post was all about a sweet first pegging experience, this image was far too porn-y to use. It did make me smile though, so I figured I’d save it for a post of its own. The outfits and set-up doesn’t do much for me, but the two expressions are great. Sometimes sex is a tender expression of love between two people. Sometimes it’s about celebrating sticking your strapon right in his pooper. This is from the Club Dom site. Source: Femdom-Resource.com

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Eskimo Kiss

My mother taught me that rubbing noses together was how Eskimo’s kissed. Of course, as you might have guessed, that turns out to be a Western distortion of a specific type of Inuit greeting known as the kunik. Whatever the name and derivation of the act, I’ve always found it a particularly cute and expressive one. It’s hard to be serious when squashing noses together. I therefore particularly enjoyed this image. They look like a couple having fun. This is from the Club Pedestal site. I found it via the Alternative Female Domination tumblr. Source: Femdom-Resource.com

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Hobbit Dragon Artwork

A simple post of femdom artwork is all I have for you today. The style reminds me (in a good way) of the illustrations in 70’s sex manuals. The artist presumably goes under the handle hobbit dragon, but I’m not aware of other drawings by him or her. There’s a tumble here, but it currently has no posts. Source: Femdom-Resource.com

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