2017 Goals

My goals for 2017:  read and memorize affirmations on www.femdomtraining.ca.  introduce the idea of chastity to my partner.  pamper, serve and quickly obey her every command.

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‘My Pleasure’ Men’s T-Shirts Now Available

FemaleLedSociety.Org and our sister sites are ready to share our pride in Female Led Relationships and the empowerment of women. Support Female Led Relationships and the development of ConquerHim.Com, LovingFLR.Com and FemaleLedSociety.Org by buying a t-shirt during our 7 day fundraising event!   Buy a T-SHiRT TODAY! Only 7 days left to support. Sale ends+ [...]

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It's part of the daily routine. My wife's sister comes by to take me for a walk in the woods. My wife caught me peeing standing up last December and ever since this has been part of my day. My wife thinks its more humiliating that her Domme sister takes me out for bathroom breaks [...]

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Talk is so important, to demonstrate your domination and his submission. Even if you are starting out and don't feel that dominant yet. TELL him what to do, and what to feel, and what you ARE going to do. Watch his crumble and become a good little submissive. Then the acting out just comes more [...]

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We Almost Went Our Separate Ways

It is a desperately hard thing for two people that, deeply love each other, to accept that they have a problem which is likely to end with both parties going their separate ways. I had been with my beautiful wife for three years after dating for around eighteen months. We were happy, very happy, but [...]

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Our FLR Is Our Treasured Secret

My Lady and I were introduced to each other by a mutual friend who knew us quite well and thought our natural Domina/submissive personas would be an interesting mix. We knew about each other, via our friend, for quite a while before we actually met. The chemistry was certainly right although she kept me at [...]

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Conquer Him Community Survey Results 2015

Between October 2014 and October 2015 a community survey was posted on ConquerHim.Com to help identify the readers who frequent Conquer Him.  The survey was posted publicly and the submissions were anonymous. 470 people completed the survey. Here are the survey’s results. Find a detailed graph visit this link COMMUNITY SURVEY RESULTS.   Source: Conquer Him

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