The Joys of a Day in the Life of a Domme and Her Slave

7:00 am Every morning at 7:00 a.m., a submissive man wakes up to prepare a gourmet breakfast for his mistress. This breakfast is something special and takes about an hour to make. The breakfast consists of some of his mistress's favorite dishes. He starts off by making a frittata with mushrooms, peppers, and spinach. He adds a bit of cheese for extra flavor. He then moves on to making some sausages, which he cooks in a skillet. He also makes some French toast, with fresh berries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. To top it off, he prepares a smoothie with fresh strawberries and banana. Once the breakfast is ready, he slides his head under the covers of his mistress's bed and moves [...]

Unleash the Power of Spanking and Pegging in Your Relationship

The key to spanking your man for dominance is to understand the power dynamic that you are creating. A woman taking control of her man's body through spanking can be incredibly empowering for both of you. This plan is designed to help you explore this dynamic and create a powerful experience for both of you. 1. Start by talking with your man about your desires and intentions. Make sure he is on board and comfortable with the idea, and that he understands the rules and safe words you have agreed on. 2. Choose a spanking instrument that you feel comfortable with. This can be anything from a hand to a paddle, and anything in between. Make sure you practice with the [...]

The Psychology Behind Women Spanking Men

The psychology of women spanking men is a complex and fascinating subject. It is not uncommon for couples to explore the idea of using spanking as part of their sexual relationship, and it can be an exciting and satisfying way to add an element of kink and BDSM to a relationship. Spanking is an intense form of physical stimulation that can produce a variety of psychological and physiological responses in both the person spanking and the person being spanked. For the woman spanking a man, it can be an empowering experience as she takes on the traditionally male role of being the dominant partner. It can also be a way to explore her own sexual desires and fantasies, as spanking can be a [...]

our own brand of femdom #2

In a FemDom relationship… getting the strap-on is not an option. He’ll scream like a little bitch the first few times. All of that’s very normal. But just keep at it. Your goal is to make it a very normal part of his experience. After a while some pretty wonderful things will start to happen. His selfish, argumentative masculine edge will dissipate. He will become much more cooperative and attentive to your needs. His submissive side will come out and blossom. He will become much less concerned with his orgasms, and more focused on yours. His erogenous zone will slowly start to shift from the head of his penis to the opening to his asshole and his prostate gland. It is therefore very important to make [...]

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At first, I thought forcing him into bras might be to sissifying, but it makes an awesome punishment if he messes up. Force him to put a bra on and sleep in it [in chastity, of course]. In case he might actually enjoy that... Threaten to make him sunbathe in it. That would be a hard tan line to explain away in the gym lockeroom!