What Can You Learn From AboutFLR.Com?

There is a long-standing website about Female Led Relationships called AboutFLR.Com. Before I created Conquer Him and LovingFLR.Com, AboutFLR was the only community website dedicated to Female Led Relationships. I learned about this site a little more than a year after I created Conquer Him. One of the readers of Conquer Him recommended that I+ Read More The post What Can You Learn From AboutFLR.Com? appeared first on Conquer Him. Source: Conquer Him

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Ebook: Submissive Men & The Women Who Love Them

I purchased this Kindle book after learning that it was written as a collaboration by a few of the women in a group I belong to on Fetlife. Submissive Men and The Women Who Love Them by Anna Kochanka and Goddess Victoria Black is a light fiction collection of stories that depict Female Led Relationships, choosing to focus on the people, using the BDSM/kink as an accessory instead of a driving force. It is not too hard to digest and not hardcore erotica either. The description for the book reads: The fictional stories in this book all explore the female dominant/ male submissive dynamic. you will not meet the female equivalent of Christian Gray in these stories but you will meet female dominants who are loving [...]

Becoming a Goddess Training FINAL REVIEWS

Our September 2015 Female Led Relationship Training Class is now officially over! All 5 participants completed the course successfully which makes this class the most successful class to date. All of these women have officially become Goddesses. Each Goddess was offered the opportunity to provide feedback on the course. Here are their unedited reviews. What do you believe was the biggest benefit of participating in this program?   Student 1 – I think the biggest benefit for me was learning about all the different types of Goddess’ and the different styles of dominance. I had never seen them presented in such a clear, concise manner. If you take nothing else away from this course, it was worth the price.       Student 2 – I think [...]