Support For Women Being Dominated By Submissive Men

Yesterday I wrote about my realization that men who identify as submissive are too demanding. This realization hit me as I sifted through the responses from a survey I sent out about the fears men have about developing Female Led Relationships. So many men reported that their biggest fear was not meeting a woman who+ [...]

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What Does She Want From a Female Led Relationship?

I have spent 3 years studying, formulating and teaching the concepts behind developing a Loving Female Led Relationship and I am proud to witness this audience growing. After hundreds of posts related to this topic and the development of 2 coaching programs I decided to finally pull all of the wisdom I have gained about+ [...]

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The Gentleman’s Challenge: Task #3

We sincerely appreciate the men of Conquer Him, those who have devoted their time and attention to the empowerment of women. They embrace the lifestyle of empowering women through loving female led relationships. We will now move forward in helping to spread the word and share this awesome concept to the masses by issuing The+ [...]

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Are You Creating Your Fantasy or Hers?

When you say you want a strong and independent woman who is Powerful and does not hesitate to ask for what she wants you are in for a treat, but are you really ready to handle such a woman? I recently met a man who was extremely smart. I offered him the opportunity to work+ [...]

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According to OKCupid Women Should Go After The Man They Want

A recent OkCupid study found that although men are more likely to send the first message on the dating website than women, women who do send messages to men first are more likely to get a positive response. OkCupid Chief Product Officer Jimena Almendares said the company was surprised by the research project’s results. “There+ [...]

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Do You Lack Confidence When Approaching Women?

We’re having an awesome time during our FLR Leadership Training for Women and I don’t want the men to feel left out. Your FLR Coaching Program For Men begins next week with 5 daily LIVE CLASSES where you can learn how to prepare for your Female Led Relationship and become a Submissive Hero that a+ [...]

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Looking For Submissive Men Who Want To Be Honored

It’s my dream to become a matchmaker between Submissive Gentlemen and Powerful Women. I am cultivating a community of powerful women and successful female entrepreneurs and I want to introduce them to Conquer Him one day. But there are obstacles, of course. When I use the term ‘submissive man’ these vanilla women imagine that submissive+ [...]

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We Should Have Begun Our FLR 30 Years Ago

We’ve been married for 31 years, but our FLR didn’t really begin until I retired.  Since my Domme is much younger and still work, many of the household chores, such as cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, etc, fell on me to do, which I didn’t mind.  That was more than 5 years ago and what has+ [...]

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I Am Happy Being A Servant To My Wife

My wife Jane and I dated in college, broke up, and got back together nearly 20 years later.  She was rather shy, though sexually adventurous, and was intrigued by my desire to be submissive to women.  By the time we met up again, she had become a very successful executive. Nearly a decade into our+ [...]

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Study Reveals Men Do Not Prefer Intelligent Women

The results of a study set to be published in the November issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin are mind blowing. It seems that according to this study, men do not truly like women who are more intelligent than they are. According to MarketWatch, more than 100 male participants were given a hypothetical scenario [...]

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