Is FLR A Game?

During the FLR Leadership Coaching Program For Women I get this question a lot: Are Female Led Relationships based on a game that the couple engages in? Unfortunately the answer is not cut and dry. I answer this question based on the woman who presents it. No man wants a FLR to be a game. Men+ [...]

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Don’t Try To Tame Him

If you’re a single woman and you’re looking for a Female Led Relationship you may be tempted to try to mold a man into what you want. It’s possible, but it takes too much work if you’re already a busy woman. Don’t choose a man who acts like he is a challenge; he wants you+ [...]

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There Is POWER In Your Anger

There is an old saying- Women should be seen and not heard. This is a disgusting adage that aims to disempower women, convincing them that raising their voices and expressing their beliefs and desires is not becoming. Don’t believe it! In fact, Women MUST be seen and heard in order for our society to advance+ [...]

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‘My Pleasure’ Men’s T-Shirts Now Available

FemaleLedSociety.Org and our sister sites are ready to share our pride in Female Led Relationships and the empowerment of women. Support Female Led Relationships and the development of ConquerHim.Com, LovingFLR.Com and FemaleLedSociety.Org by buying a t-shirt during our 7 day fundraising event!   Buy a T-SHiRT TODAY! Only 7 days left to support. Sale ends+ [...]

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Say No To Poor Behavior From All Men

Today is a rough day for me. It’s Father’s Day. Usually I will bite my lip and smile to myself as I call up my stepfather to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, knowing that this gesture will make my mother smile. Today I didn’t do that. I feel guilty about it as each moment+ [...]

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How Is a Sugar Baby Different From A Woman in A Female Led Relationship?

Take a look at this video. It shares the story of Nina Peterson who is known as one of the most successful ‘sugar babies’ in recent history. A sugar baby is a woman who exclusively dates older men who are wealthy. In exchange for her time and pleasure he offers her a generous financial allowance+ [...]

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Are You Creating Your Fantasy or Hers?

When you say you want a strong and independent woman who is Powerful and does not hesitate to ask for what she wants you are in for a treat, but are you really ready to handle such a woman? I recently met a man who was extremely smart. I offered him the opportunity to work+ [...]

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According to OKCupid Women Should Go After The Man They Want

A recent OkCupid study found that although men are more likely to send the first message on the dating website than women, women who do send messages to men first are more likely to get a positive response. OkCupid Chief Product Officer Jimena Almendares said the company was surprised by the research project’s results. “There+ [...]

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FLR Couples Survey Results

Female Led Relationships are real. We surveyed 17 real couples in Female Led Relationships to learn more about their attitudes and lifestyle. These statistics represent the average couple in a FLR. Here are the results from our March 2016 FLR Survey for couples. For full results VIEW HERE –  FLR Couples Survey Results 3.18 Source: Conquer [...]

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Are You Unsure About Being In Control of Your Relationship?

One of the biggest obstacles that women face when presented with the option for a Female Led Relationship is their inability to overcome the taboo around the women being in control and asserting what she wants. This inability to grasp the concept of expressing her needs and desires for fear of hurting the man’s feelings+ [...]

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