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mrandmrsmandy:We love your blog! We are new to this kind of thing but your blog has been so helpful! The Mrs. Can be a little to kind sometimes I think but I let her choose... Thanks for the fun!Thanks for the props!

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mehim999: My girlfriend and I discovered tease and denial and I think we are really into it but after a teasing session my balls hurt (sometimes more than the others) is than normal or are we doing something wrong. Also is there a good duration and frequency for teasing sessions for beginners or is that [...]

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femdom--blog: Could you do another list of femdom punishment ideas ? I loved the first one, and it was super useful for my mistress- we're kinda new to all this, and the things like peppermint oil and ginger root we didn't know about, so another one of those would be great :) anyways, great blog, [...]

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