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In Praise of the Pits

Getting older inevitably means there are more and more things I don’t understand. My brain can only fit so much and our endlessly culture creates more and more stuff. I’m at peace with this. What really puzzles me are the things that I’ve known for years and never understood. Like the social pressure for women to remove armpit hair. As this articles highlights, it’s kind of a thing for a lot of people. I get that from aesthetic perspective a great bushy undergrowth might be best avoided, but what’s wrong with a little scrub? I’ve never understood why total bare is seen as normal. I actually feel the same way about pubic hair. I’ve had dommes in the past get slightly annoyed that [...]

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Strangely Sexy

Not sure why, but I find this strangely sexy. The shoes on the hands are silly and the setting is silly. Yet, the high heels and taut bodies still make it oddly hot. Not sure it really counts as femdom, but feel free to picture a domme just off camera wielding a whip and forcing them into heels for her pleasure. According to this tweet this is Adam Nicklas, Walter Savage & Aurélien Muller. Photographed by Tony Duran for Brian Atwood shoes. Free Femdom Training & Femdom Hypnosis #femdomtraining #femdomhypnosis #malesubmissivetraining #sissytraining #husbandtraining #analtraining #cuckoldtraining #femaledominancetraining #chastitytraining

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An Awkward Couple of Hours

I flew down to LA today for some R&R. Or I guess I should say some D&D – Dine & Domme. I’m looking forward to the trip, but I can’t say I started it particularly brilliantly. When I got onto the plane I did the usual seat nesting process we all do. Stashing bags away, fiddling with the seat pockets, firing up my devices, etc. I’d just unlocked my iPad when the flight attendant came across to offer me a drink. That distracted me into a short conversation with him, followed by an exchange of pleasantries with my seat neighbor. A minute or two later I looked back down at my iPad and realized it was open on twitter and that this tweet from [...]

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The Philosophers Stone

Alchemists believed that there was a mystical substance that could transmute any element into any other element – the Philosophers Stone. The medieval theory for this was that the stone was formed from the intrinsic material of the world, the fundamental base that all other things were made from, and hence provided a means to dissolve and reconstitute materials as the alchemist desired. Since most alchemists got funding by pitching get-rich-quick schemes to wealthy patrons, that typically meant turning lead into gold. Sadly the philosophers stone doesn’t exist, but the concept got me thinking about it in the context of kinky activities and sexual desire. I like a lot of different activities, which on the face of it are all fairly different. Being [...]

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Stupid Tech

I’m generally a fan of combining fancy equipment with kinky sex. It’s certainly not necessary, but it can be a lot of fun. However, I do draw the line at the idea of this cockring combined with a camera. That’s the stupidest combination of technology and sex toy I’ve seen since the vibrator that reported your usage of it to the parent company. What are you possibly going to see on a cockring camera that’d be interesting or titillating? It’ll just be dark, shaky close-ups of random body parts. It’s tough enough to frame a decent shot with a proper camera, let alone trying to do it by waving your dick around. Although perhaps there’s a opportunity for a creative modern artist here. [...]

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Do What You Love?

It’s often said you should choose a career that mirrors your passion. The quote “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is typically attributed to Confucius and best summarizes that viewpoint. Personally I’ve always been skeptical of it. I followed my passion into writing software and I’ve definitely worked a non-zero number of days in my life. This blog post on BDSM burnout by  Hywel Phillips shows another risk of mixing work and passion together. In his case, after years of running a small BDSM bondage production company, he’s experiencing burnout, expressed by the death of his kinky inner fantasy life. That’s obviously a worrying situation as it puts at risk both his livelihood and his own [...]

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Poetry in Motion

There’s always something quite satisfying about these moment of impact pictures. It’s like the super slow-mo shots of glass shattering or a water balloon popping. That sense of a chaotic high energy transformation being momentarily captured and contained. Of course, I doubt the person on the receiving end thought about it that way. They were probably more concerned about where exactly the energy was being transferred to. This is a shot I found from in an old tumblr archive. I’ve no idea where it was originally from. Free Femdom Training & Femdom Hypnosis #femdomtraining #femdomhypnosis #malesubmissivetraining #sissytraining #husbandtraining #analtraining #cuckoldtraining #femaledominancetraining #chastitytraining

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Rainy Day

Here’s a perfect way to spend a rainy day. A comfy spot by the window, a good book and a relaxed submissive to play with. From the key around her neck, I’d guess it’s also a chaste submissive. I think the only thing missing from the scene is a nice warm mug of tea. The artist is SilkBox and if you like this, they have a patreon site you can subscribe to. Free Femdom Training & Femdom Hypnosis #femdomtraining #femdomhypnosis #malesubmissivetraining #sissytraining #husbandtraining #analtraining #cuckoldtraining #femaledominancetraining #chastitytraining

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Easter Bunny

It’s Easter weekend, so what could be more appropriate than a very sexy Easter bunny image? Presumably this lady didn’t want to mess around hunting for eggs and went straight into torturing the source for their location. What I love most about this image – among many things – is the nipple clamps on the bunny. I can’t imagine they’re particularly effective over that fluffy suit. Although when you’ve got a chained up giant bunny in a corset and a domme wearing sunglasses in a dungeon, then clearly Mr Logic has long since packed his bags and left town. I’ve no idea where this is originally from. I found it here. Free Femdom Training & Femdom Hypnosis #femdomtraining #femdomhypnosis #malesubmissivetraining #sissytraining #husbandtraining [...]

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