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Leather, Lace and Steel

I think one might fairly say that this image is not particularly low in temperature. Indeed, it might even tend towards warmth. Significant heat should not be put entirely out of the question. Or, as Troy Orleans more succinctly put it, “jfc this is hot”. It’s from a tweet from the Steelwerks Extreme team. Source: Femdom [...]

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Manners Maketh Man

A tweet by Mistress Tess recently caught my eye. I was helping him into a dress. He put his hand near my shoulder and said “May I?” instead of just automatically putting his hand on my shoulder to balance. This is called having RESPECT AND MANNERS! It’s not okay to freely touch your Goddess. Remember that [...]

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Memories of Warmer Days

It’s pretty wet, cold and gloomy across a lot of the US at this time of year. I’m pretty certain there are no visual cures for Seasonal Affective Disorder, but if there were, this would surely come close. It’s a lovely Spring picnic scene with an elegant lady and her helpful pet. Hopefully the inevitable [...]

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A Trio of Asian-American Dominatrixes

Allure magazine has an interesting article on three Asian-American dommes. It features Mistress Lucy Sweetkill, Domina Dia Dynasty and Yin Q, and describes some of their experiences dealing with the stereotypes that come with the job and their ethnicity. Even at her former job in fashion, Lucy’s employees would refer to her as a “dragon lady,” in [...]

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Emily Ratajkowski

Almost all advertisements for perfumes are ridiculous and over the top. This one starring Emily Ratajkowski is no exception. However, it does have a certain style, humor and attitude that I think a lot of readers of this blog might enjoy. This is Emily Ratajkowski in a shoot for the UK edition of GQ magazine. Photographed by Mario Testino, [...]

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