More from the Brits

Kind of ironic that after my last post entitled ‘Stupidity in the UK – now slightly reduced‘, the country just voted to leave the EU. I’ll avoid going into the politics, and try not to alienate 50% of my UK readers, but I can’t say I’m a fan of that result. My opinion doesn’t really count for much however, as I’ve been away too long to have been able to vote. I’ll mark the moment with a quintessentially British femdom scene. This is an older man dressed as a public schoolboy, enjoying the English Vice, being administered by the strict English mistress Domina Liza for the English Mansion site. Feel free to imagine him as David Cameron or Boris Johnson (depending on which [...]

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Dress up games

For some kinky people any night of the week is a good one to put on a fun costume and go to a party as another character. The rest of the world tends to reserve that kind of behavior for special occasions. In the US that means Halloween. Traditionally that’s the time for occult decorations, kids stuffing themselves with candy and articles debating or decrying how sexualized costumes are these days. With the new Star Wars movie coming out this year, I’m expecting that’ll be a popular theme. In that line, my favorite really terrible costume to date is this one for Darth Vader. Clearly literally seconds of thought went into that design. They didn’t even bother to give her a light saber. [...]

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