Forceful ropework

Continuing on from the last post, this is another F/m rope bondage scene, but has a very different dynamic. This is less about tender and more about control and pain. It’s still sexy as hell though. I think it’s the hand to the back of the neck that does it for me. She doesn’t just want him tied up, she wants him exactly in the position she demands. I found this on the ‘Please Take My Control’ tumblr. I’m afraid I haven’t managed to track down an original attribution. If anyone can help with that then please leave a comment. Source:

Tender ropework

Something beautiful and simple for the weekend. This doesn’t really need any additional comment from me. You can see the original (in full size) along with others images shot in the sequence here. Rigged by Misungui. Model is Faun Sencible. pPhotographed by Ombilik. Source:


One of the weirder elements – of what has been a seriously weird year of politics – has been the rise of the term ‘cuck’ or ‘cuckservative‘. As this GQ article explains, it’s an insult used within the right to suggest someone is weak and reluctant to take a firm conservative stance. The derivation is obviously from the sexual kink of cuckolding. Personally I don’t really care if the American right wing beats itself up, but I do find the term puzzling. The key element of cuckolding is surely the ‘cheating’ aspect and the feelings that provokes. By definition it needs at least three people, with one of them getting off on being spurned and denied. Maybe the cuckold gets off on the [...]

Feel the burn

I noticed that I’d inadvertently published two consecutive posts featuring fire. That wasn’t intended, but given that I have a strange compulsion to post in trios, here’s a third on the subject on flames and heat. This image caught my eye purely for the look on his face. It makes me yearn to feel like that. He looks lost in the moment. You can see another shot from the same scene here. This is from a Divine Bitches shoot featuring Bobbi Starr and Trent Diesel. I originally found it via this post on Femdom Times. Source:

Shit or get off my face

This paper mag article on the NYC BDSM scene is pretty short and light on detail. However, I have to salute the writer for its opening line – ‘Shit or get off my face’. That’s memorable. It’s a phrase that provokes an initial ‘huh?’, until you realize the writer is a dominatrix. Then it generates more of an ‘Ewww!’. This artwork is by Rodzo. Fortunately for those of a delicate disposition he’s an artist big on the face sitting part, but not so much on the poop. Source:


In one of my weirder image associations, this somehow reminds me of the Michael Palin’s hairy unkempt man with staring eyes who introduced Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I can’t help but look at it and think “It’s…” followed by the famous theme music. They did a pretty wide variety of introductions using the character, but I don’t remember any involving cunnilingus. The watermark links to a dead site, but based on the name, I assume it’s the work of the fetish photographer Eric Kroll. Source:

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In the zone

I liked this short article on BDSM as a form of meditation. It doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but it captures some of my feelings on certain types of BDSM play. I’m by no means an expert on the topic, but the mindful meditation it describes does remind me of subspace. Some activities seem to lend themselves more than others to this kind of mental state. Personally I’ve found that needle play (particularly when decorative), heavy bondage and very formalized corporal punishment are particularly good for it. Moments of stillness combined with ritual and rhythm definitely help. In contrast things like predicament bondage, electrical play and energetic fucking really don’t work. They’re fun, but tend to constantly pull your mind out [...]

Oddly popular femdom topics

I often do image searches on particular femdom themes, and I’m frequently surprised what topics turn out to be popular. Last month for example, I was looking for some witch themed femdom, and failing to find much of interest. I’d have thought those two were a natural fit. I also recently spent some time looking for axe or sword themed femdom shots and couldn’t come up with anything good. Yet tonight, I searched for ‘tea femdom’ and found all sorts of shots based on dommes drinking tea. Who’d have thought it’d be easier to find a shot of a domme demanding a good cup of tea rather than a sexy dominant sorceress? Maybe porn is more true to life than we normally think? [...]

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Vintage Japanese Femdom

I believe this is artwork from the 1950’s and a publication called ‘Kitan club’. I’m afraid I’ve no idea what the text says, but I do appreciate the artwork. The couple in the top image seem to be particularly enjoying themselves. You can see some other images from the same series on Homer’s blog. Source: