Divine space

According to this article, the Chinese city of Shenyang has created special parking spots just for women. That’s not an entirely new idea. Some cities have dedicated spots for women with young children, or marked spots in well lit and camera covered areas for increased safety. Sadly the Shenyang spots aren’t for those practical reasons. These spots [...]

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One of the weirder elements – of what has been a seriously weird year of politics – has been the rise of the term ‘cuck’ or ‘cuckservative‘. As this GQ article explains, it’s an insult used within the right to suggest someone is weak and reluctant to take a firm conservative stance. The derivation is [...]


Anyone who thinks being kinky makes them special should probably think again. According to The Journal of Sex Research, interpreted via this article in Maxim magazine, almost 50% of adults have unconventional sexual desires. Which kind of raises the question: At what point does unconventional become conventional? If kinky people make it to 51% of [...]

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