One of the weirder elements – of what has been a seriously weird year of politics – has been the rise of the term ‘cuck’ or ‘cuckservative‘. As this GQ article explains, it’s an insult used within the right to suggest someone is weak and reluctant to take a firm conservative stance. The derivation is obviously from the sexual kink of cuckolding. Personally I don’t really care if the American right wing beats itself up, but I do find the term puzzling. The key element of cuckolding is surely the ‘cheating’ aspect and the feelings that provokes. By definition it needs at least three people, with one of them getting off on being spurned and denied. Maybe the cuckold gets off on the [...]


Anyone who thinks being kinky makes them special should probably think again. According to The Journal of Sex Research, interpreted via this article in Maxim magazine, almost 50% of adults have unconventional sexual desires. Which kind of raises the question: At what point does unconventional become conventional? If kinky people make it to 51% of the population do we have to start describing non-kinky people as the unconventional ones? Of course sometimes sexual desires can be complicated to pigeonhole in a simple classification system. Is this scene exhibitionism, public humiliation, shoe fetishism or simple D/s? Whatever it is, I think it puts the pair of them into the ‘unconventional’ half of the population. Source:

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