In one of my weirder image associations, this somehow reminds me of the Michael Palin’s hairy unkempt man with staring eyes who introduced Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I can’t help but look at it and think “It’s…” followed by the famous theme music. They did a pretty wide variety of introductions using the character, but [...]

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Painted Ladies

Miss Pearl has a thoughtful post on the way treats femdom as a separate thing from BDSM in general. It raises an interesting point that potentially reflects a lot of underlying assumptions people hold about femdom. Now with the thoughtfulness for the day contracted out to Miss Pearl, allow me to take conversation down [...]

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A couple of weeks ago I featured a scene with someone’s head buried into a table. This hairy gentleman is in pretty much the reverse position to that, with just the head sticking out. It looks relatively comfortable for him but less so for her, which seems like the reverse of how it should be. [...]

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