Painted Ladies

Miss Pearl has a thoughtful post on the way treats femdom as a separate thing from BDSM in general. It raises an interesting point that potentially reflects a lot of underlying assumptions people hold about femdom. Now with the thoughtfulness for the day contracted out to Miss Pearl, allow me to take conversation down [...]

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International Fetish Day

Apparently International Fetish Day is a thing and I just missed it. It’s the third Friday of the year, which seems a rather silly scheduling decision, as there’s no memorable date. Are they trying to overlap it was workplace casual Friday’s? Maybe forget the jeans and t-shirt and turn up in your gimpsuit? Fashion and [...]

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Memory lane

I went to see a great 80’s cover band tonight. Drinking heavily and loudly singing along to 80’s hits probably isn’t ideal preparation for kinky fun tomorrow afternoon. My throat will probably be cursing me, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. I don’t have a date or attribution for the image [...]

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