Modesty Ablaze “2019 Holiday Fun Pt.1” #realworldsex film @makelovenotporn

For our Summer Holiday this year I told Hubby that I wanted to keep a record, a Video Diary, of every day (and every night), of our holiday fun. Because I don’t know about you, but for me whenever I’m on vacation I always get even more horny than usual. So this new video is [...]

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A Thorny Issue #sinfulsunday

Occasionally . . . just occasionally . . . I let a Sub choose the implements he would most like me to use. And sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised. But . . . of course . . . I always have the last say !!! To see what other people have to say this weekend, just [...]

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Boobs in Black #Boobday Friday

I received a new dress from one of my Wishlists last week . . . and it does feel rather lovely against my nipples when I first zip it on.And, when I move about in it !!! It also seems perfect for a Boobday Friday photo as well, don’t you think? Boobday is a body-positive [...]

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Mansion Everything Must Go – Last Item Sale!

Unique Leather Bolero Jacket from North Bound Leather Ladies Size 10 New Price £30 including post to anywhere in GB approx £400 new, perfect condition as new – unwanted gift And would make the perfect domina gift The post Mansion Everything Must Go – Last Item Sale! appeared first on Mistress Sidonia's Femdom Blog. [...]

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Pour Me A Glass Members … November

It’s time once again for my end of month review . . . and news of my new Pour Me A Glass of Wine members video and photo gallery. Firstly . . . I just want to thank all of you for continuing to join me here at my Pour Me A Glass pages . [...]

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Modesty Ablaze & The Dark Knight #sinfulsunday

“No I can’t stand closer to him . . . I don’t want to attract attention to myself !!!” “Just hurry up and take the picture . . . otherwise you’ll have us both locked-upin the Tower!!!” Thankfully we made it home safely because I’m looking forward to discovering lots of other Dark-moments and Scary [...]

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Modest Pips #Boobday Friday

Oh how I wish I was back on this beach now . . . enjoying those refreshing juices and feeling the warmth of the sun . . . all over!!! Boobday is a body-positive meme where women share images of their bodies in order to show that there is beauty in all of us.  With [...]

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In Blood Red ~ Pt4 Deady Women

In Blood Red Art Photography Portraits of Dominant Women The artist Ariel B turns her photographs into individual artworks: gothic fairy tales, dances macabre, distant memories, otherness, otherworldliness, times gone by, death and decay are all preoccupations. Currently she has … Continue reading → The post In Blood Red ~ Pt4 Deady Women appeared first [...]

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Modest Secrets #wickedwednesday

Well not so much a “secret” . . . more a philosophy really . . . but tryingto never take anything too seriously, and just having fun in everything I dohere at Modesty Ablaze, allows me to celebrate and enjoy my, slightlyout-of-character, double-life. Actually I’m not sure if that should be triple, or quadruple life? [...]

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