Modest Flotsam #Boobday Friday

I always make a point in the first few days of our summer holiday, to stroll along “our beach” searching for new items that have washed ashore since our last visit. I have, of course, displayed some of those items here before . . . and I just couldn’t resist adding this interesting tangle of [...]

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Pour Me A Glass Members Update . . . mid-September

Thank you for all your lovely messages about my “naked on the beach” photo-gallery in September’s Members Newsletter. And, yes I do have lots more (lots and lots) which I will be including in some of my, normal, posts over the coming month or so. But, as a special treat, I thought I would add [...]

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Modestly Pressing #sinfulsunday

“That only makes ten . . . I didn’t give-up my Saturday evening for just ten!!!I want at least forty more !!!” “I didn’t say you could get up . . . that’s only thirty more . . . I said you hadto get to fifty !!!” “Well they don’t feel too tender to me. [...]

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This May Hurt – Medical Fetish Play

This May Hurt – Medical Fetish Play It’s Medical Fetish feature month here at The English Mansion with strict traditional matrons, sexy rubber nurses, weird science experiments, male milking machines and anal stretching – not forgetting the invasive, uncomfortable and … Continue reading → This May Hurt – Medical Fetish Play

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Modestly Matching #wickedwednesday

Favourite colour? Well that’s easy . . . Red of course! But here’s something that lots of people won’t know. If I do actually have to wear any at all, I always make sure my knickers match my shoes. I mean . . . one wouldn’t want to ever be found to be . . [...]

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Ebonatrix: Miss Foxx

Ebonatrix: Miss Foxx Returning to the Mansion is the stunningly beautiful and statuesque (standing over 6″ in her heels) Ebonatrix, Miss Foxx.  This beguiling findom Goddess will instruct you in the art of devotion and sacrifice – you will learn … Continue reading → Ebonatrix: Miss Foxx

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