Kicking ass in the CIA

I’ve just been re-watching the Jason Bourne trilogy. It’s not a particularly subtle or intellectual series, but it is fun to watch late at night over a drink or two. Personally I prefer the directing of Doug Liman (who did the first Bourne Identity) rather than Paul Greengrass (who did the two sequels). Liman’s style is less frenetic and more traditional than the jerky and over the top Greengrass. That said, the two sequels have one big advantage – Joan Allen. She plays the hard as nails CIA agent who struts through the films, barking orders, facing down her superiors and figuring out what’s really going on. The movies are escapist nonsense of the James Bond variety, but it’s nice to see a [...]

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That’s Mistress Hillary to you

I couldn’t do posts on politics and photoshopped images without featuring this famous one of Hillary Clinton. It’s from Spy magazine in 1993. That was Bill’s first term, when Hillary was driving for a health care plan known (inevitably) as Hillarycare. These days this would be considered as the kind of amateur photoshop job that can pop up anywhere on the internet,, but back then it was fairly eye catching.  I remember seeing it and feeling oddly aroused. This was from a time when I hadn’t fully figured my sexuality out. I wonder how many Senators and Congressmen – from both sides of the aisle – saw it and felt the same way? Source:

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Lending a helping hand

This news article on a Hull based dominatrix helping to feed the homeless om Christmas day put a smile on my face for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s obviously a very very nice thing for Hull’s Mistress Dita to have done. From reading the article it’s also not her first efforts in this area, so she’s clearly someone to be applauded. The second thing I like was the way the article itself was written. The word dominatrix was used in much the same way you might say ‘local business owner’ or ‘entrepreneur’. It’s rare for the press to resit the urge to make stupid comments about kink or BDSM or sex work whenever the chance arises. To see it treated with such [...]

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Incoming rant

I apologize in advance for this post. Not for the opinions it expresses, but because it’s light on femdom and mostly me ranting. However, I figure it’s my blog, and I’m entitled to the occasional self-indulgence now and again. A couple of weeks ago I covered the story of Stoya and her accusation of rape against her former partner James Deen. Since then multiple other women have come forward with more accusations of consent violation (I believe 8 is the current count) and porn companies have cut their ties with him. In general the response has been very supportive of Stoya. Unfortunately, there’s one particular comment that regularly gets trotted out in these conversations that drives me nuts. It’s the one that declares [...]

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While I’m on the subject of great costumes, here’s a fabulous one of Elizabeth from the game Bioshock Infinite. It’s a cosplay rather than Halloween costume, but it’s still a great example of an elegant and sexy as hell costume that doesn’t rely on plunging necklines or skimpy outfits. The creator is LilSophie, who is clearly in a different costuming league compared to the average Halloween partygoer. I’m actually taking a few days vacation over the Halloween weekend. I’m going to be in Las Vegas, where I’m expecting to see all manner of crazy outfits. Blogging may be a bit erratic, but I’ll do my best to keep posting. I’ve no particular plans, other than leaving the Seattle rain for tall drink on [...]

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Here’s a final image to finish my quartet of anal themed posts. I think it’s designed to be a wedding themed shot. The white dildo and harness seem well coordinated with the dress. I’ve been surprised by the amount of wedding related porn I’ve stumbled across in recent years. It doesn’t do much for me, but it’s clearly a thing. I guess it toys with the virginity/purity/perfect moment of the wedding night. Anytime there’s a strong societal convention, there’s going to be someone with a kink that plays off it. In this particular case I picked it just because it’s just a cute image. Although I do love the potential symmetry of using a strap-on on a wedding night. Most femdom porn focuses [...]

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