Divine space

According to this article, the Chinese city of Shenyang has created special parking spots just for women. That’s not an entirely new idea. Some cities have dedicated spots for women with young children, or marked spots in well lit and camera covered areas for increased safety. Sadly the Shenyang spots aren’t for those practical reasons. These spots [...]

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That’s Mistress Hillary to you

I couldn’t do posts on politics and photoshopped images without featuring this famous one of Hillary Clinton. It’s from Spy magazine in 1993. That was Bill’s first term, when Hillary was driving for a health care plan known (inevitably) as Hillarycare. These days this would be considered as the kind of amateur photoshop job that [...]

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A bad case of stupid

I’m sure that when Tim Berners-Lee was inventing the world wide web, he wasn’t thinking it’d be used to exchange amusing articles on penis related injuries. Fortunately for us his idea took off, and we now get to enjoy articles like this on what people did their dicks in 2015. Its culled from a database [...]

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Wishing everyone all the best

If you celebrate Christmas, then I wish you a happy Christmas. If you just enjoy the holiday period this time of year, then I wish you happy holidays. And if you don’t do either of those, then I just wish you all the best and hope you’ve enjoyed my blog over the last year. The [...]

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