A bad case of stupid

I’m sure that when Tim Berners-Lee was inventing the world wide web, he wasn’t thinking it’d be used to exchange amusing articles on penis related injuries. Fortunately for us his idea took off, and we now get to enjoy articles like this on what people did their dicks in 2015. Its culled from a database kept on emergency room visits and proves that no matter how delicate and sensitive an appendage, there’s no limit to the kind of stupid stuff people will do with it.

I’m kind of surprised there are no reports of injuries from kink and CBT. Possibly that means everyone deliberately torturing penises in 2015 were smart enough to do it without putting their partner in the emergency room. More probably it means that those who did end up there lied about how it happened.

CBTThis lady is hurting a penis the smart way. Clothespins are relatively safe. Unfortunately I’m not sure who she is or where the shot is from. As usual, if you know, please leave a comment so I can attribute it.

Update: The verdict from my astute readers is that this is Sandra Romain in a kink.com shoot.

Source: Femdom-Resource.com

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