How To Fuck Your Male Slave

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Femdom Tease and Release Session

hardonebattle: kenjibound: thrilledbytease: She has you naked and restrained on her bed. She’s teased and tormented you while allowing you the great delight of pleasuring her with your mouth over and over, her pussy, her breasts, her mouth. Now, she’s going to push YOU to heights you never imagined possible, watching her face as her hands work their incredible magic on your cock and balls, trying desperately to hold out but knowing she will wring every drop from you ultimately, all you can DO is surrender to her power!!!!! Damn! I…. Damn. Ohhhhhh….feeling her…..looking at her eyes…her mouth…open…then grinning…….oh god

Lick My Ass Bitch

Femdom Hypnosis – Why, How, and What.

Femdom Hypnosis - The Myth First off, let me say that hypnosis is not some magical fairy dust that can make anyone do anything.  It simply does not work that way. For any hypnosis to work, you must first have a willing subject.  This goes for femdom hypnosis, or any other type of hypnosis.  If you don't want to quit smoking, and you listen to quit smoking hypnosis, it will not work.  At best, it will start to make you think more of why you should quit, but it certainly by itself will not make you quit. Femdom Hypnosis is the same way.   If you don't want to be more submissive, then femdom hypnosis cannot make you that way. However, if you [...]

What Is Queening

faontk: Queening Queening is a very erotic act in which a woman sits on a man’s face and is satisfied sexually while dominating her man and the man is incredibly turned on by the act as well. Also referred to as face sitting or smothering, queening is most often accomplished by a dominant woman sitting on her submissive man’s or slave’s face and deriving sexual pleasure by riding his face or forcing him to lick, suck, bite, or orally massage his domme’s vaginal and anal area until she climaxes. During a queening session a submissive experiences the sensation of his mistress’s weight on his face as she squats on top of his face. The smell of her, the moistness, and the slow erotic [...]

Ass Licking Duties

mistress-scarlet-captions: dommevee: Love how she is ignoring his worship by reading a magazine. :)

Extreme Femdom Training