The Secret Lives of Sissies

Vice has an interesting article posted entitled ‘I Cross-Dress. Do You Still Love Me?’: The Secret Lives of Sissies. It’s a pretty sympathetic piece, featuring interviews and photographs of men at a San Francisco play party arranged by Mistress Alice. The kink itself is a complicated one. Although it’s not a kink I indulge in, I can understand both the appeal of it and also why it annoys some people. What comes through from the article is the complexity and variety of the reasons behind it. Some people get off on a forced humiliation aspect. Some want to be as passable and attractive as possible. Others just like women’s clothing and the chance to wear it. Of course the same could be said [...]

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Wrapping the rope

Time for a change from politics. Let’s start the week off with something cute and sexy – a man having roped wrapped around his head. There’s also some interesting arm bondage going on. This is 1 of 4 images I found in this tumblr post. The original posters tumblr has been taken over by spammers, but I believe the rigger is June St Paul. Source:

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Rope gag and blindfold

My immediate thought on seeing this, was that it was from the gang over at Dude’s in Distress. It’s got the colorful rope bondage and sense of playfulness they bring to a lot of their images. However, having scrolled through their archive I can’t see it anywhere. Whoever created it (and leave me a comment if you know), I think it’s a lovely image. There’s the symmetry of the composition, but also the contrast in their situation. Her playful smiling expression balances nicely with his bound and drooling one. And something about the eye contact that isn’t eye contact is very hot. Source:

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Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth

My parents and grandparents were the source of all sorts of odd expressions. One I always liked was that ‘she looked liked butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.’ It referred to someone who was pretending to be very sweet, innocent and blameless when the reality was very much the opposite. It seems appropriate for this particular image. Source:

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