Visiting the House of Sinn

It’s taken a while for Me to get My “kink legs” under Me since relocating to Romania, but it’s finally happened.  I am fortunate enough to have one of the top online Dommes in the world down the road in Bucharest – The Matriarch Ezada Sinn.  Ezada and I met back in April at her FemDom Summit and we made plans to collaborate.  Well, it’s finally happened in a big way.  Last week I spent a couple of days with The Matriarch in her element – The House of Sinn. The House of Sinn project has been a vision of Mistress Ezada’s as she seeks to build a community of like minded Women and give them the venue to meet, collaborate, socialize and [...]

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FemDom Summit in Bucharest 2023

Over the years I have attended a number of FemDom events and had really lost My taste for them.  The posturing, the egos, the elaborate costuming . . .  after a while it lost its appeal.  But when I heard Mistress Ezada Sinn was hosting a summit specifically for collaboration and networking for Professional Dominatrices, and it was just down the road in Bucharest, I had to attend. Thoughts:  Because the event focused on networking, it made the attendance manageable (compared to typical conventions).  This kept things from becoming cliquish and enabled everyone to get to know each other.  At most big events you end up running with the same crew you came with, or people you already know, sticking with the comfort [...]

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A Male Companion’s Shibari Experience – by Simon Benn

Image by German Rojas from Pixabay My First Time Experiencing Shibari—Japanese Rope Play – By Simon Benn As I entered the dimly lit room, my heart was racing with excitement and nerves. I had always been curious about Shibari—the Japanese rope play, and finally, I had the opportunity to experience it for myself. First, I was welcomed by the rope domina, who introduced herself and explained the basic principles of Shibari. She emphasized the importance of consent, communication, and trust between partners, which set a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the scene. As I felt the soft ropes tied around my body, I surrendered myself to the sensations, letting go of my thoughts and surrendering to the moment. The intricate knots and patterns [...]

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Returning to Atlanta – March 1st – 14th

As promised I am journeying to Atlanta to see all My best boys.  I will be available for sessions at Atlanta Dungeon March 1st – 14th.  My availability for this trip will be daily from 2pm – 10pm but act fast because many openings are already filled. Because of the nature of traveling and the limited availability for sessions I am requiring a 30% deposit from everyone, regardless of whether we have met before. I am very much looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.  It will probably be several months before I return. Doubles, triples and more are available with all the Atlanta Dungeon Dommes. Familiarize yourself with My interests. Complete an application if we have never met or [...]

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A European Adventure

Hello all.  As some of you know, I left Atlanta at the end of the year and headed off on a grand adventure.  At present I am in Brasov, Romania and plan to use this as a base to explore some of the more adventurous and mysterious parts of Europe. A lot of you have had questions:  Am I retiring?  Will I stay here permanently?  Will I offer sessions in Europe?  Will I ever go back to Atlanta? First, no I am not retiring.  My focus is just shifting so I can do some exploring.  For many years I travelled extensively and just simply burned out on it.  I am not sure what happened over the last couple of years; the lockdowns, watching [...]

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Trials and Tribulations of a chastity slave – The 12 Degrees of Male Sexual Pleasure

Installment #37 – The 12 Degrees of Male Sexual Pleasure Moving from what provides the most pleasure to the least: Sexual intercourse, penetration, building to mutual orgasm Blowjob, with multiple edges, leading to a powerful orgasm Hand job, with multiple edges, leading to a powerful orgasm, where the cum is fed to the slave and eaten Self-masturbation, with multiple edges, leading to a powerful orgasm, where the cum is collected and eaten by the slave Masturbation with a vibrator, with multiple edges, leading to a powerful orgasm, where the cum is collected and eaten by the slave Self-masturbation, with multiple edges, at point of climax the hand is released causing a ruined orgasm, where the cum is collected and eaten by the slave [...]

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Honest Review of the Hush Bluetooth Butt Plug by Lovense

Five years ago I reviewed the Hush remote butt plug favorably – My opinion has changed. See it here on YouTube.  Or here on Loyal Fans and Only Fans. Honest Review of the Hush Bluetooth Butt Plug by Lovense

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Double FemDom sessions with submissive Blake August

My sub girl Blake is only available until May 13th – book now. I’ve been having tons of fun with Blake and you can join in the fun too – but only until May 13th. Blake is available on Tuesdays and Fridays only. 90 minute minimum – $825 2 hours – $1100 She can also be added to any session for an additional $200 per hour. Blake is not a masochist but she can take a good spanking.  Her strong suit is her sensuality and downright naughtiness.  I am going to love using her to tease you. You can see Blake is some of My films, here. To schedule, email Me at   A completed application and a deposit are necessary to book.   Double FemDom [...]

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Another review of a double session with Goddess Samantha

It’s common to hear subs talk about double sessions that were a disappointment or not worth the money.  I think one of the biggest mistakes subs make is requesting a specific paring instead of letting the lead Domme choose. If you let the Dommes choose each other, your odds of getting a combination that matches your personality and interests are much greater – making the odds of an epic session happening.   What follows is a session review of one such pairing.  We all agreed:  This session was epic! WW4S had sessioned with Me years ago and we had great chemistry so when he was ready for a double session with Me, he did his research and saw how many doubles I do with [...]

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Trials and tribulations of a chastity slave – Finding to correct way to say “I love You, Mistress”

Installment #36 – Finding to correct way to say “I love You, Mistress” by slaveboy jaime Recently, i have felt a greater commitment and devotion to my Mistress, Mistress Ayn, yet words have failed me in my effort to clearly express what it is that i truly feel.  In my quest for understanding i turned to the Ancient Greeks – odd? perhaps! – to find clarity. The Greeks have seven different words for love, each expressing a different sentiment.  Most commonly, people say “I love you” and mean “eros.”  Eros speaks of a romantic love, a feeling of passion.  This may be common among partners in a loving relationship, such as a wife and husband, or girlfriend and boyfriend.  But that misses the [...]

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