Trials and tribulations of a chastity slave – The Routine

Installment #25 – My morning routine as Mistress Ayn’s slaveboy – by slave boy jaime After more than a year in indefinite chastity as Mistress Ayn’s slaveboy, my morning routine was become quite comfortable for me, well, as comfortable as it can be. i awake and reach down to feel Mistress Ayn’s chastity cage. She controls me especially through my cock and balls and it is a good reminder to me of what is truly important in my life.  Since it usually has been weeks since my last orgasm, i am frustrated and start to tease my nipples.  As i get more awake and aroused i can feel my cock starting to get longer and harder.  Quickly the pleasurable sensation is replaced with [...]

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Tryst Interview

  I was recently interviewed by the staff at Tryst. If you were ever curious about some of the more random things in My life and career this is a good place to start.  I dish to the following questions and more:     What are some of your favourite fetishes to cater to and why? What is a common misconception you see within the BDSM space? What’s your one go to piece of advice for Dominatrix’s just starting out?   For answers, to these and other questions, visit the Tryst site. Tryst Interview The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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Perfect Self-administered Ruined Orgasm

  The Submissive Male’s Guide to the Perfect Self-administered Ruined Orgasm A ruined orgasm for a submissive male is one of the most intensely pleasurable, toe-curling, sweat-inducing, back-arching, fist-clenching, teeth-gnashing, brain-bending endeavors a submissive male can experience to drive him into an animal sexual frenzy.  One of the biggest misconceptions about ruined orgasms comes from the word “ruined.”  It sounds like torture or something a submissive male might do to himself only for punishment.  But, it could be a way to experience ecstasy, delight and have one of the biggest and best orgasms he has ever had in his entire life. The name is misleading in that a properly ruined orgasm is STILL an orgasm!  Yet, it does feel profoundly different to the [...]

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What’s a Skype session with a Dominatrix like?

Distance Training with Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ayn Curious about having a FemDom video session via Skype or Zoom?  You are not alone. With social distancing still putting a damper on in person BDSM sessions, many subs are asking, “What’s a cam session like?”.  The real answer is there is no “typical” cam session but here are some things that I have done: I had a sub slut dress himself in naughty lingerie and then stick household objects up his mangina. A sub and his sub girlfriend “performed” for Me on video while I directed them to do things to each other. One sub has an electrical unit that can be controlled on a desktop. I took control of his screen via Zoom and [...]

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Distance slave training and online FemDom sessions

Online Slave Training For those that can’t session in person or simply want to start or continue ongoing training via a digital format, the following online options are available. Click the links for more information about each program. Email/task program – $100 per week or $350 per month – most popular Keyholding and online chastity programs – $100 – $475 per month Skype or Zoom sessions – video calls – $90 per 30 minutes Phone sessions – $60 per 30 minutes Custom Audio – $100 up to 20 minutes in length Custom FemDom POV Video – $200 up to 20 minutes in length Online training works extremely well for a variety of submissive types and interests including chastity training, orgasm control,  JOI, cum play, anal [...]

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Cuckold fantasy – making it real

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay   The concept of being cuckolded is quite common among men.  I hear it a lot in My industry – men fantasizing about their wives being with other men.  I agree it’s a hot fantasy but in practice I advise against it.   So much can go wrong that can end up tearing a couple apart, but it doesn’t mean you can’t safely enjoy the fantasy.  It just takes effort and imagination. While doing some distance training with a couple it was revealed that the man had a long held cuckold fantasy and that the wife was resistant.  I gave them My stock advice to keep it in the fantasy realm but I also coached them on how to [...]

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Remote Keyholding and Online Chastity Programs

Chastity Keyholding for serious submission In order for Me to be your keyholder you must be serious about being in chastity and be willing to give up control of your orgasms for a negotiated period of time.  If you are looking for someone to lock you up so you can then beg for release in a few hours or days, that is chastity fetish play, and this program is not for you. Chastity Key Holding programs: Basic key holding – $100 per month Limited interaction.  One ordered orgasm per month.   Intermediate key holding –  $250 per  month Interaction every 10 days with specific instructions when unlocked.  Membership to My FemDom video content site,,  Exposure on social media (if negotiated).  One supervised [...]

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FAQ #33: What is chastity fetish play?

There is serious chastity and there is play chastity.  Chastity fetish play is just that, play.  If you are looking for someone to control your orgasms on a short term basis to make you excited, enhance your libido and then listen to you beg – then short term chastity fetish play is for you. I often use this type of orgasm control prior to a session.  A submissive locks up a few days (to a few weeks) prior to serving Me in person.  I tease him and deny him by making him look at photos or videos of Me, unable to touch, and he soon becomes desperate to do as I command.   It keeps the sub focused on his upcoming service and puts [...]

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Stealing time – Don’t be “that guy”.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay As a professional Dominant the only thing I have for sale is My time.  Unfortunately too many want to steal it.  By stealing I mean: Calling to discuss your kinks, ask questions that are available on My website or just chat.  I charge for those types of calls and have a NiteFlirt account set up just for this purpose.  I stopped answering My phone because 9 out of 10 callers are there to attempt to steal. Emailing and requesting an extended session (Dommes are going to be really nice to you if you dangle a 3-4 hour session in front of them, right?) in the future and then attempting to ask questions, exchange photos, etc. leading up to [...]

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Trials and tribulations of a chastity slave – Installment #24

Installment #24 – My first overnight Hush training session  – by slaveboy jaime The Hush is a vibrating anal plug that offers control at both close range and long distance.  This means that Mistress Ayn can order me to insert the Hush and play in the privacy of Her FemDom Mansion but also to take control when She is 700 miles away.  She can create patterns or order me to access established patterns of vibration at varying speed.  A few initial sessions showed me that the Hush was a safe, exhilarating, and addictive anal play toy. The use of the Hush took a dramatic step forward when Mistress Ayn ordered me to insert the Hush late one night and then go to bed [...]

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