Happy New year 2 820x1024 1Let’s shake things up a bit this year. I did that last year with a move to Europe and it’s only been positive.  This year is your year to make some changes and get out of your rut.  I suggest you embrace your submissive/feminine side and see just how good a submissive you can be.  Submission may just set you free.

If you have gotten out of the habit of seeing a Domme in real life, I can help with that.  Let’s start with some distance training and then I will send you to a reputable Domme I trust – if I can’t see you Myself.

If you have gotten into an indulgent cycle with anything from food to masturbation, I can help with that too.  Dommie knows best and I can create a task or chastity program that can get you on the right track – or else.

Has a lack of Female leadership left you feeling out of sorts?  Then submit, serve, learn and be tested – and yes, we can do much of this from a distance.

So let 2024 be the year of the submissive.  Contact Me direct about any questions or logistics – ayn@mistressayn.com.  Or do some investigating here.

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Let’s make 2024 the year of the submissive

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