I’m being sarcastic of course, January sucks major ass in every possible way. But we’ve just gotta get on with it haven’t we? After all what’s the alternative, curl up in a corner until February… if only. 

It’s a funny thing getting older, and it ain’t exactly fun. I remarked to Mistress earlier today how one of the things about getting older is how easy it is to hurt yourself without even trying. I was just standing by my car the other day and my knee went too far the wrong way for no reason at all. Rather painful and so ridiculous! 

Also , it feels kinda like I’m reaching the age where I’m moving to a different part of my life. I recently disposed of my guitar and amps because it finally dawned on me that after ten years of not actually doing anything musical that maybe I’m not actually going to ‘make it’ as a rock star. Well maybe I knew that already since I cut my hair off nearly 25 years ago… plus now my guitar playing is so terrible it’s just not worth even bothering.

But I didn’t realise quite how inactive I have been on the writing front. I mean I know I haven’t posted anything for a long time and I know I come on here every so often telling you that I have stories to write, etc etc… but I just clicked on my ‘Stories’ tab and I see the last story I posted was in January 2021.

Four years ago! 

There was a flurry of productivity in 2020 with the furlough and being at home with little to do (that seems a long time ago now, hey?), and two in 2019, nothing in 2018… you would be forgiven for thinking my writing is as dead as my musical career.

But actually I do still have things going on, I just don’t seem to be able to finish them. It’s annoying. I hoped to finish at least one over Christmas and it didn’t happen (again)… I just always seem to have something else I need to do (I am still writing a non-sex blog which takes up a lot of my time) and as always I need to be in the mood for being creative.

But at least me and Mistress R are still continuing our ‘chastity’ lifestyle (with a little Femdom thrown in). This afternoon Mistress had a really nice orgasm on my tongue and then she proceeded to tease my cock with her hand and the cock whip. That felt fucking great, I gotta tell you. Especially the harder hits to my balls – felt like her hand but I think it was the whip. Either way I loved it!

Obviously I wasn’t allowed to cum. But I wasn’t expecting to. So maybe January isn’t 100% terrible after all. 🤣

Don’t You Just LOVE January?

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