What Is a Male Anal Orgasm?  The male anal orgasm is all thanks to the prostate gland.

Understanding the prostate gland is important to understanding how male anal pleasure works.

The prostate gland is located inside the body, between the anus and testicles. When stimulated, the prostate fills up with a fluid. This fluid eventually becomes a part of semen. The “filling up” sensation that happens in the prostate is what causes the orgasmic experience in the anus!

The best way to understand a hands free prostate orgasm, is to watch it happen.  In this video, they use hands, but only for awhile.  When it gets closer, you must stop and let the anal stimulation do it by itself.

In this article, whether you are a single person or in a relationship, I would like to encourage you to allow yourself, or your partner ONLY to be able to cum this way.   It will move the attention from his cock to his anus, which in turn will make him a more attentive lover.   If you still need penetrative sex from your man, you can, just do not let him finish.  If that is too hard, get him a strap on.  The best part of this, is there are no more premature ejaculations.  The video below will demonstrate how you can make your man cum from only anal stimulation.

What Does It Feel Like?

The feeling of any orgasm is going to vary from person to person.

In comparison to penile orgasms, many males say that the anal orgasm is more intense and full-bodied. It can also increase seminal fluid and change the consistency to be more watery.

Having an anal orgasm can also shorten the time between erections (known as the refractory period) by almost 50%. This can be beneficial for prolonged sexual encounters, whether you want to keep going for your partner or yourself.

Multiple orgasms have long been thought of as a result of female g-spot orgasms only. The male anal orgasm proves that while the experiences might vary between sexes, the9 Frequency Vibration Male Prostate Massage Anal Plug G Spot Orgasm Vibrator Men Mastubration Adult Sex 2506289779 possibility of multiple orgasms for males does exist because male orgasm is not as simple as everyone tries to tell you!

The male anal orgasm can increase your opportunity for multiple orgasms in two ways. One, men describe the feeling of an anal orgasm as having “multiple waves.” These waves will feel different from person to person, but some may interpret the experience of multiple waves as having multiple climaxes in a row.

Secondly, the shortening of the refractory period makes it possible to achieve a second (or third, or fourth, or more!) climax faster. Instead of waiting the typical 20 to 30 minutes for another erection, you may only need to wait 5 to 10 minutes.

Which One Is Better: Penile or Anal?

There is a laundry list of positives about the male anal orgasm. It can be longer, larger, and more intense. It also increases your ability to have multiple orgasms in a shorter period. If you are looking for a more intense sensation or longer sexual encounters, exploring the male anal orgasm and some specific tantric techniques is your best bet.

There’s nothing wrong with the penile orgasm, though. In the same way, I fell in love with a new way to orgasm through my g-spot, the clitoral orgasm is still my favorite. I find some orgasms to feel better than the others!

I Prefer ________ (Fill in the Blank)

Some of you might jump up and down at the possibility of having more intense, drawn out orgasms. Others of us might find that thought overwhelming or unnecessary.

Our bodies are here for us to give us pleasure, but we don’t all have to experience every single way to feel pleasure. If penile orgasms are your thing, embrace that. If anal orgasms are, embrace that, too.

Love both, or one. All experiences welcome!

How-to: Solo


A good warm-up to the male anal orgasm is to use your own fingers to stimulate the perineum. The perineum is the patch of skin between the testicles and the anus. Sometimes referred to as the “taint,” the perineum is a good introduction to anal pleasure for a few reasons. At the very least, easier to reach than the anus.

It can also feel less vulnerable to rub the exterior of our bodies versus being penetrated. As someone who likes both being penetrated and rubbed on the outside, I can vouch for this! The perineum skin is located outside of the prostate. While the experience of rubbing it may not be as intense as internal stimulation, men find it to still be enjoyable and can experience orgasmic pleasure from it.

Ready to Move On?

You can use the same fingers that you used to rub your perineum to insert inside your anus.

Before you do this, you can make sure your fingers can actually reach inside your anus. Some of us are blessed with long torsos and short arms, which can make this difficult. Don’t worry, totally normal! If you fall into this category, skip ahead and read about toy and partner options.

Lube It Up

If you can reach your anus in a comfortable position, it’s time to talk lube.

Lube is incredibly important any time ANY penetration takes place.

While our bodies are capable of creating our own lubricant, using a lube product too can take the pressure off your body to do all the work itself. It also makes penetration earlier on in a sexual experience more comfortable.

How-to: Partnered

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All the ways you can pleasure yourself solo can be introduced with a partner(s). Communicating with your partner(s) is a great opportunity to get closer to one another, and it also allows room for more creativity.

Your partner may have ideas that bring more heat to the table.

Share your toys and what kind of pressure or stimulation feels good.

A Shared Experience

One thing that partnered play offers that solo does not is the option of penetration by your partner’s penis @(anal sex) or by your partner wearing a strap-on (pegging). Either of these can offer a similarly pleasurable experience as fingers and toys can, but with an added intensity and intimacy factor.

Being penetrated can feel very vulnerable, whether you’re a pro or totally new to it. Take caution with yourself in these encounters, and know that it’s okay to feel vulnerable. In fact, a lot of people even find the vulnerability to feel pleasurable. Wherever your boundary is, it is okay and normal!

Both, Neither, One: Any Combination Is Fine!

The male anal orgasm is its own type of orgasm that can be achieved by internal or external stimulation.

It can be reached on its own or with a penile orgasm as well.

Both ways to orgasm should feel amazing. There’s no reason to pick favourites. Your body is yours to discover and you have every right to feel every ounce of pleasure from your body as you can. Go get anal-sploring!

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