No More Masturbation – Combo Pack.


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No More Masturbation – Combo Pack For Men

Shame on you for thinking you had the right to bring your self to orgasm.  Your body belongs to your wife, girlfriend, mistress, or me.  In no way are you given permission to wank your little pee-pee unless I tell you too.  If I do, it will be for my amusement not yours.  In this file you will learn that wanking your pathetic little cock is no longer acceptable, and we will teach you through abstinence from orgasm what submission really means. The combo pack includes both the hypnotic training file, and the day trainer for listening while driving or working. 30-days-guarantee

File Length Hypnotic Version:  26 Minutes 40 seconds

File Length Day Trainer Version:  13 Minutes 42 Seconds

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1 review for No More Masturbation – Combo Pack.

  1. samuel123

    Learn to stop masturbating in order to have more energy to please your wife in and out of the bedroom. Learn to replace your cock centered sexual pleasure with ass centered stimulation as directed by your wife. This has helped me to become a better more focused submissive.

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