Zero vanilla time = extreme lifestyle?

I cover this topic in my BDSM Manual but I thought I would post about it firstly, because the greater number of lifestyle couples I learn about, the more interested in the topic I become, and secondly…………. you will read later on in the post. When a couple are in a Femdom relationship, it seems to me that the most [...]

Those Innate Drives- Good and Bad

So humans are born with powerful drives already installed. For males that drive to make offspring has handily morphed into the more simple drive to orgasm, (without another human present if that is the only option when the drive kicks in). Two or three times a day if many of them could. So control those [...]

#EuphOff2018: The Semi-Moist Treat Stick Edition

In which I enter a bad sex competition. Wish me luck as I try to pack the most cringes into a sub 500 word story, in my chosen genre. Worst Intentional Femdom Story of 2018! She was not like other dommes. Of course she charged hundreds of dollars to provide intimate and erotic control, [...]

Times have changed.

Obviously not in every country in the world have times changed, and some countries are going backwards in freeing women from oppression, (Turkey being the worst regressing country at the moment). But overall in the civilised world, women’s oppression is being eradicated and the images in this link are fascinating and amusing, (one example [...]

Huge Ribbon Bows

Before addressing huge ribbon bows, regular readers of my blog will know that when forcing a sub into sissy attire or parody of a little girl attire, (or parody of a schoolgirl attire),  I favour a little dress that comes down only to the hips. Huge humiliation is inflicted from the front if the shaved genitals [...]

Yet more from Christine M

Christine has left another extended delightful comment on the blog post entitled  : Ignoring heartfelt pleading and tears Source: Ms Scarlet Yet more from Christine M #femdomhypnosis #femdomtraining #malesubmissivetraining #femaledominancetraining #femdomhusbandtraining

Spike topped shoes torment!

A lovely tableau during my recent visit to Mistress Nicola’s. I was wearing the shoes in the photo and we had poor pansy-piece sit on the floor, legs spread wide apart and his wrists bound behind his back. I pushed my spiked shoe tight up against his genitals. Nicola reached down and rested his [...]

Ignoring heartfelt pleading and tears

I do point out in my BDSM manual that one way to very deeply affect a sub and get delicious arousing pleasure as a Domme is to get the sub to the point where they are truly pleading with all their heart and soul for something to happen, or to not happen, or to stop happening. (But [...]

Puzzles and Problems

It’s there, but goodness only knows where it is. No amount of standard levers will shift this particular boulder, slap him, push him, sit on him and none of these things push him there. It’s day 3 of his visit and he’s finishing off the crunchy bakery bread toasts and fluffed up scrambled eggs [...]

Problems with Lulu?

I apologise for asking about such a boring matter, but has anyone experienced a technical problem with purchasing my BDSM Manual from LULU.COM? I have to say my BDSM Manual has been ‘flying off the shelves’ from day one from the other outlets like AMAZON KINDLE and continues to do so, and although the same was true [...]