Before addressing huge ribbon bows, regular readers of my blog will know that when forcing a sub into sissy attire or parody of a little girl attire, (or parody of a schoolgirl attire),  I favour a little dress that comes down only to the hips. Huge humiliation is inflicted from the front if the shaved genitals with a restraint locked on are in view, or just shaved and soft; indicating it is no sexual pleasure at all for the humiliated male to be treated so. And humiliation from the rear too if the butt and/or backs of thighs display the results of a recent harsh punishment.

But it seems from the reactions of the helpless males I have been involved with that almost as bad, OR PERHAPS WORSE, is a huge ribbon bow on the top of the head.

I am not sure why this causes such miserable shame but it certainly seems to. Especially when the trembling victim must look into the mirror at the shameful, ridiculous image they make.

The huge bow I currently possess is on an elasticated loop which is rather difficult to locate properly and does not often remain in place for long, requiring annoying constant attention. (It, together with the dress in the photo are the exact items I use on bitch-boy for his most extreme humiliation experiences! Without panties of course!)


So do any of you dear readers know of a supply source of a huge pink ribbon bow suitable for application to a helpless male’s head with a reliable and effective fixing method?

I think for completeness I should add that, when so dressed, having to walk in the mincing style also has a HUGE humiliation effect too.

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Source: Ms Scarlet

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