Well my Tumblr site now has over 15,000 followers. What I like most about the continued growth of follower numbers is that those themes I like have a popularity possibly larger than just niche. It is a constant unanswered question though.

What percentage of the population of the civilised world are aroused, (if just a fantasy), or contented, (if a lifestyle), by these themes of female dominance?

And perhaps, are there more dominants and subs than LGBTQ people? (Ignoring the Venn diagram  issue of LGBTQ dominants and subs.) I only wonder that as I have an intuitive feel for how many LGBTQ people there are. At the moment in the UK and USA, the mainstream media are set against mutually satisfying relationships of dominance and submission, especially if the extent of ‘slavery’ is quite comprehensive. The same oppressive adjectives that used to be targeted at gay people 50 years ago are now aimed at us;  sub or Domme – Unnatural. Perverts. Mentally ill. And specific to Dominants – Exploiters, Bullies, Advantage takers, Manipulators. 

I imagine in another 50 years those living sub/Domme lives will be completely accepted like gay people are now in the civilised world. (Subs do not choose to be sub, they are born that way, the overwhelming majority discovering they are sub well before puberty.) Scandinavia will no doubt lead the way like they do on so many areas of civilisation.

But let’s not get too serious! Let’s get back to those delicious themes I adore, sick exploiting pervert that I am! Chastity and tease and denial, cuckolding (especially lesbian cuckolding of males), dickie discipline, humiliation including enforced role playing, punishment – discipline – torture, sadism, inducing heartfelt begging, shoe and boot worship, ignoring and enforced tedium, sensory deprivation, clothed female naked male, urine and saliva degradation, etc. I do have eclectic tastes I know!

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