So I just noticed that the blog finally passed the four million views mark. That’s pretty crazy… and it only took thirteen years – haha! But actually, we lost well over a million when I moved the blog to fetblogger and then came back, so it’s actually five million… who’d have thunk it? 

Well it’s been a journey of discovery, I’ll say that… and there’s obviously been times when there’s been more to write about and times when there’s been almost nothing to write about. I very much hope we can resurrect our Femdom Sessions again (at least we’ve done one already this year, even if it was a little rusty) and I have to say that today I do feel a little more enthusiastic about the blog again (probably something to do with the AWESOME sex we had this morning, hey?).

Thanks for sticking with us through the lean times and hopefully there will be more to come through the year. 

In the meantime, earlier today I published another ‘tease’ on Milovana. Right now it’s had just over 1800 views and is scoring 4.2/5.0. You can check it out here:

Goddess Alexis’ Edging School – Tease #70534 –

Because the traditional style of tease has fallen out of favour they are now only doing the ‘Classic Tease of the Month’ competition if there are at least five published. My previous tease won ‘TOTM’, but admittedly against some pretty weak competition (and they still haven’t added my ‘TOTM Winner’ sticker either!). But whatever… I know it won. And there was plenty I didn’t win that I thought I should have so I’m taking it as a win!

I guess I should at least try and do a new style tease, it seems that they are capable of some pretty clever things – but I hate trying to learn how to use new technology, always have done. I once bought a new drum machine and then used the old one for another year because I couldn’t be arsed to work the new one out. 

You know, a while back I got a PM from someone on Milovana begging me to make new ‘map/rooms’ style teases (like the ones I did years ago), they even said they could raise a decent amount of money to pay me to do it (like a Patreon kind of thing).

Which is all well and good, but those teases were extremely time consuming and took a lot of concentration to create and check. So while an easy £200 or whatever might sound tempting, if it’s going to take me 15 hours to piece it together, that ain’t all that great is it? 

Plus since the old ‘Flash’ tease engine is no longer available I would have to learn how to use the EOS editor first. And, well… the problem with getting paid is that people expect a lot for their cash don’t they, and I wouldn’t be able to ‘create to order’. Years ago I tried to write a book within the parameters set by Femdom Cave and it really didn’t work.

So we’ll see. But don’t hold your breath.

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