Last week my most recent period of chastity came to an end after 50 days. I’ve been feeling very ‘off’ lately and so I’ve been using a cock ring for several weeks now. I haven’t cum with a cock ring on for a very long time, so I’d forgotten how intense it was… 

Mistress kindly allowed me to worship her gorgeous ass while she stroked me to the edge… and then she let go. And just when I thought she was getting off me it seemed that she suddenly changed her mind and planted her delicious ass back on my face and started stroking me hard again. I tongued her ass for as long as I could… I wanted to make the most of this – but as the orgasm hit she lifted away slightly and I was bucking uncontrollably anyway. But God I loved it while it lasted.

Of course the cock ring initially stops your cum ‘exploding’ out like it usually would… so Mistress kept stroking, so it was kind of ruined that way. 🤣 

As my cock softened a little and the cum started to flow, Mistress scooped it up with her fingers and smeared it on her beautiful toes. I can’t tell you how much I loved cleaning my cum off of her gorgeous feet. That was SO FUCKING HOT. And it’s been sooooooooooo long.

It’s hot here in the UK today, and so Mistress and I decided to have some fun before the house becomes a sweat box. Mistress even removed her bra and so I got to see her in all her amazing glory, I mean you can see above how amazing she is…. just beautiful.

As I kissed the insides of Mistress’s silky smooth thighs her hand slid down between her legs and I watched for a moment as she gently teased her clit. God that was so fucking hot. But soon I moved closer and started to lick her… she always tastes amazing and I just never want to stop. I adore making her cum, but even just the taste… I love it so much. 

After Mistress had a very hard orgasm, I slipped the cock ring on and Mistress got me hard very quickly. I think I am getting better actually, but I’m not ready to lose the cock ring just yet. Mistress teased me so good, and I wanted to cum so bad – it’s always worse when you’ve recently cum I find.

I told her how much I loved eating her ass and cleaning my cum off her feet as she stroked my rock hard cock. And I told her how much I love that she makes we want to cum but doesn’t let me.

Even once she’d edged me my cock stayed hard and Mistress played with it, gently at first, eventually holding my cock while I fucked her hand. Then she slid down the bed and started sucking me (while I gently teased her ass)… that felt incredible, I just love the warmth of her ass on my fingertips too. 

Eventually she sat up and let me caress her amazing breasts while she stroked me hard. She even got a couple of ball smacks in there too… so good, but evnetually of course I got to the edge again and this time she let go and laid down beside me. 

What a brilliant way to start a Sunday! 

Fifty Day Release.

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