So I had a routine visit with my eye doctor.  I had to do some tests and the machine that did the testing was busy and I was number three, so I had to wait.  To top it off he had to take an emergency call and I could hear him speaking to the physcian at the hospital next door. He said something about preparing the patient for surgery and he would be on his way and to call them when the patient was ready.

I got my test and was told that he would see me next before he had to head to the hospital.  While waiting a really hot girl in short shorts came into the waiting room.  She had fantastic legs and her pussy lips were visible because the shorts were so tight.

I texted my wife and we started sexting about me being so turned on by this girl.  I began to get a hard on and I had on some black shorts but was going “commando” this as I got the hard on..I snapped a photo all the while looking at Ms Hottie….I sent it to the wife and said “you girls are bad making us get hard ons..”  She started to text back but I was being called back.  His assistant a good looking girl in her own right wearing very tight “scrub pants and a top that was way too loose, (well not really way too loose but for my agitated state…yeah it was not helping) I saw her glance down and I am pretty sure she could tell I was sporting a boner in my pants.  She muttered something about “am I alright today or something like that with a sly grin on her face.  

So here is the pic:  Is it that noticeable?


While waiting for the doctor

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